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  1. CAL, right at the 4 week mark. Still kind of apple cider tasting, but good. No head at all but carb felt right. Not worried, putting the other bottles away and saving until summer.
  2. This may be a crappy thread, but here goes... On a septic system, so I am cautious about dumping sanitized water down my drain, since obviously I want micro-critters living in the tank, but out of curiosity, could I dump my trub down the drain and those yeasties and micro-critters would equal out whatever I would kill by dumping sanitizer?? Just curious...
  3. Taking y'alls awesome advice, rady to go get some. Now, powder or liquid?
  4. Oh, I'm going to wait. Seriously considering keeping an eye on these for 2 weeks then just stash in my dark basement until summer. got plenty of bottles with free beer in them to empty and a Patriot Lager fermenting. May get impatient with that one!
  5. "Jason_1977" post=326950 said: "usc99csf" post=326779 said:Somehow I've lost one of my bottle caps. I'm about to bottle my second batch. can i use a soda bottle cap in its place? :stout: GO COCKS!!!! That's what she said...
  6. CAL in bottles, bottles getting hard on day 3, beer looks clear as can be...I think I may have beer, but surely it can't go this smooth first time out.... I have bottles in guest bathroom tub with other LBK with shower curtain pulled in case I made bottle rockets.
  7. Finally. Now to be patient for another month.
  8. So my Light has been in LBK for 2 weeks. Nice and clear, no bubbles, trub layer, smells like beer. So I'm thinking of bottling 2 bottles tomorrow, then the rest next weekend after 3 weeks in LBK. Just a thought and an experiment. Thoughts?
  9. Light is on it's 3rd week of fermenting, snuck open the top on the LBK, nice and clear, smells like beer, but going to wait and bottle next weekend. Started the Patriot Lager fermenting today. :cheers:
  10. Well, all went in today, was pretty easy, all though I am a nervous wreck. By my calendar, I think I should be drinking my own beer on the 16th of February. :chug:
  11. Getting ready to start tomorrow, have had a digital thermometer in the location I planned to put the LBK during fermentation (basement, dark corner). Has been a steady, very very steady 63 degrees the past 3 days. Too cold? Close? Just right? Need a cooler? Heater? Find some where else?
  12. Hey all, Southern Maryland here (Mechanicsville). manofwarfan, looks like we will need to get together. Looking forward to meeting some of you and sharing beers! :stout:
  13. First time out home brewing and can't wait. Got my kits opened up today, ready to get started but reading first, brewing second. Been distilling at my house for some time, but first time with beer. Looking forward to it and thanks in advance for answering my questions!
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