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  1. When you boil the pieces for an hour do you add more water to maintain the 8 cups of water once you boil out some from the longevity?
  2. ok, so now back to "Hydrometer 101" - initial readings mark gravity and alcohol content. then at 14-21 days, take sample and what tells us that fermenting is complete?
  3. thank you for thumbs up no the extra week. I do have a hydrometer, however i dont know what the readings are....more so how to use it during fermentation. I know that its a no-no to dump your sample back into the LBK, but i'd hate to waste a bunch of drinkable beer trying to get samples.
  4. after doing 4 batches, i should know this answer by now, but i'm doing 21 days in the LBK, i read a few threads today saying 14 days, am i overdoing it?
  5. Rick, you mentioned vanilla at bottling...i'm going to do 12oz glass bottles. how much should i add? 1/8tsp, 1/4tsp? i think that sounds fantastic. Also, should i use turbanando sugar (as i've been due to the less carb) or should i use a brown sugar?
  6. Trollby, it was the MrB Apple beer recipe, the only thing i remember doing wrong and i knew better was i tested the gravity after 20 days and dumped the few ounces back into the LBK like a damn fool.... i followed the MRb instructions. i have conditioned for a total of 7 weeks now. at 3 weeks the beer tasted off, but i figured i would let it go until the Diablo Red was ready, (total of 6 weeks at that point) had an apple last night and again, just sour tasting. Condition another 2 weeks and taste again?
  7. MrB apple cider: fermented 3 weeks, bottled and conditioned 3 weeks...beer had an off flavor....waited 3 more weeks while my Diablo Red was fermenting....still has a horrid rotten apple taste...any thoughts fellas?
  8. any plans to add a pinch of cinnamon at priming time?
  9. did you use regular table sugar? and thank you!
  10. I also am very curious as to the amount of priming sugars in a 12oz bottle. Any help?
  11. *thumbs up* turbinado sugar thanks for the tip!!!
  12. how much did you use, if i may ask....i drank my first batch of the Light that comes w/ the MrB kit, and it was exceptionally bubbly and over carb'd....so i was trying to avoid that happening again.
  13. ok, thank you fellas for that amazing posting(y) i'm just about to start cooking up some water this weekend to do my SP Irish Stout, you guys have been amazingly helpful... when you bottled, what type of sugar did you use, and how much, i'm interested if you did the same or if one used a different type. Thanks
  14. Link is dead - please try again - Thanks Jim :cheers:
  15. is there any specific method to how much to add? also what do steeping grains add to the table? sorry for all the noob questions, but i'm just learning. and thank you all.
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