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  1. I found a thread the other day on labeling. Now I can't find it. I would like some help, please.
  2. Hello, I was making some wort with the hop pellets (in muslin) as instructed, I plucked the hop sack & squeezed it to see if all the pellets had hydrated, & a bit of the fluid dripped into the brew. Is that going to hurt or help?
  3. Hi gang, I am making my next batch. I have a question? I've put my LME, HME & hop sack into the hot water & mixing, but it says in the directions to let it dissolve. Do I let the whole hop sack disolve before proceeding, or pour the hop sack along with the wort into the LBK?
  4. Hi everyone, I heard about cold crashing? What is it? How does it work?
  5. mike60


    #1 Classic Amer.Lt, #2 Hop Head Red
  6. I just bottled my first batch. I waited 20 days to put it into bottles, now on to the next!
  7. Hey gang, The countdown has begun. 4 days to go, then bottleing. I see clusters & smaller yeast bobbing up & down in the brew. Is this normal? I would assume so, they just can't figure out if they are done yet. Happy brewing! :chug:
  8. Howdy mates, I'm into day 16 of fermantation, & I see a definate layer in there. Clearer at the top, half way down you get into a clouder layer. Waiting longer may reduce that cloudy layer. :stout:
  9. I wanted to add what's fermenting now, what I've brewed, what's carbonating, etc.
  10. I want to know how to add data on what you brew, the date, what you have made, what's in the LBK, and anyother info I might have?
  11. Hey gang, I was looking at my beer with a flashlight, pointed up so I could see the underside of the surface. I saw (very little) yeast left, some on top and some floating just under the surface. Are these still active colonies? I have started a log with all the data on my brew. I plan on waiting one extra day (total 15 days) before bottling. Then I can adjust time accordingly. :cheers:
  12. I will give myself over to the Borg.
  13. Thanks everyone. I have over a week into the fermantation, but I don't think my yeast is happy. I have yeast clinging to the sides, above the water line, and there is alot on the bottom. I haven't opened the barrel. My room temp hovers around 66 degrees to 70 degrees.
  14. Hi everyone, Just got in. I hope this will be an excellant ride. Looking forward to the conversation's. :cheers:
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