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  1. Ok I went and got some hopped malt extract at the brewing supply it is for 5 gallons of beer and it is split into 2 cans which I thought would be good because I can make 1 at a time but it came with only 1 packet of yeast of 6 grams do I need to try to divide that up or can I use the whole pack and then use one of my extra yeasts that I already have I have aquired 2 extras that I got with some kits that didnt require the yeast that came under the lid and those 2 that I have came with the st pattys irish stout and the other came with the classic american light
  2. Im also growing some nugget hops and would like to use those and eventually create my own recipie when I get better at it
  3. Okay peeps I have been brewing with mr refills and recipies but now I have 2 fermenters and I wanna go to thw local brewing supply and get some of their stuff their ingrident kits are 5 gallon kits and I wanna know what u guys would do if u wanted to put one into 2 lbks
  4. Ok I have 2 mr beer kits and I make beer in them a friend has a mr beer kit that hes gonna give me because he lost interest in home brewing so I will have a 3rd brew keg my question is can wine be made in a mr beer keg
  5. Are yall talking about the shamless stout I just recieved that one on my doorstep today im looking forward to brewing it
  6. Ok I have read insructions to use their extracts and it says to boil it in 2.5 gallons of water would I just make the whole thing and put some water in my lbks and pour half of my wort mixture in each one?
  7. I recently looked at a local brewing supply for brewing stuff but all their stuff is for 5 gallon brew kits I was wondering if their stuff would be compatable with the mr. beer brewing system I have 2 brew kegs
  8. hello I got a mr. beer brewing kit for my birthday back in december and it works great, I recently got a 2nd mr beer kit because I decided I wanted to make double the amout I got it home and was getting ready to start another batch but tested the keg after putting the spigot in and it leaks and I tried several times to get it fixed but it continues to leak, any suggestions ?
  9. tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I bottled my beer and I looked at the beer and see that the sediment is almost completely gone, its getting close to drinking time huh?
  10. I bottled my second batch in the swing top bottles and I was wondering why after a little over a week I still see the sugar settled in the bottom is this normal should it got away with more time
  11. Alright then sounds good ill do the 1 tsp when my beers ready to bottle ive been just buying a 4 pack of grolsch each week and drinking the beer and saving the swing top bottles because it seems a little cheaper to do that than buy empty bottles
  12. The glass swing top bottles I have are 15.2 ounce, when I get ready to bottle them can I use the same amount of sugar to bottle them as I do a 16 ounce?
  13. I have grolsch swing top bottles that are 15.2 ounce can I bottle those with the same amount of sugar as 16 ounce
  14. Are green glass bottles suitable for bottling mr beer I know the brown bottles beer tasted great but I just got some grolsh bottles that are green with swing tops
  15. So then they will all be carbed after another couple of weeks then its been about 1 week
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