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  1. Thanks for this video! I knew I wanted a hydrometer to try to figure out my ABVs, so I just purchased one. However, i had no idea how - or when - to use it (and if you should pour the beer back into the keg or drink it, etc.) To my surprise, my hydrometer arrived today - with no instructions at all. Unless I'm overlooking them: I didn't see instructions on the website, neither (where I purchased it) But thankfully all of you already asked/answered the questions i was going to ask, and MRB Josh R gave the video, so i'm ready to go! Great job, forum members! Davz13 p.s. Well, 1 question: I didnt feel like waiting for this to arrive, so I started my brew a few days ago. Should I take a reading today - and at the 2 or 3 week mark - to get a guesstimated reading...or should i just wait to use it until my next batch? (I can at least use it on this brew to see if it is ready to bottle!)
  2. Well, I let it ferment and all for a little longer than the previous ones, and so far, this one has turned out the best out of the 3 I've made. Yum! Hoping my next one doesnt overflow like some of the pics you all shared with me. Thanks! David
  3. Wow! I hope none of mine "explode" like that! I blame the raspberries; not the Spring Seasonal! haha My next attempt is going to be with a pumpkin, so I'll hope the fruit wont react too too much.
  4. UpperKilt - Yes it is the Craft Series Winter Dark Ale. Thanks for all the pointers! The room is actually a little cooler due to the fact that everything is dropping in temperature due to the tempeature outside (haha) so the room is like 68-69 now. The foaming has gone down some. I'll keep it in this room for now, and will crank the heat a bit if the temp drops more. JerryLambert - It Lives!!! Funny video. I'm glad mine didnt spill out. Hopefully it cleans off the inner lid okay. Thanks for sharing! and thanks for the pointers raiderrob67 and Beer:30!
  5. I am on my third attempt at Mr Beer. The first 2 turned out kind of fruity tasting (Pilsner and Cerveza) and just seemed a little "off" to me. This time I'm trying the winter lager, and I thought I'd put it in w room where the temperature would be a little warmer (the first batches i did were around 69 degrees. this batch is in a room at 72 degrees). So, I check on this batch, which I started last night (so less than 24hours into fermentation process), and the top is almost overflowing with foam. The previous 2 batches "bubbled" like the instructions said, but this one looks like foam and it reaches the top of the keg. Is this the norm? I'm hoping so, and that this batch will turn out better than my previous 2 attempts. I know every brew can turn out different, but this is a totally different "reaction" than the other 2 batches had. Thoughts?
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