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  1. Looks like a good beer. Pretty fond of Negra Modello myself. How would you rate the bitterness of this one?
  2. I would not worry about it too much.....But wait, this is Alabama and we know how politicians and law enforcement like to go on witch hunts when it comes to the lottery, gambling and alcohol ! ! ! I purchased my first kit legally at Sears....or was it illiegally??? Is Sears in on this conspiracy? I'm confused
  3. I have been taking alot of notes on the brews i have done so far, adjustments I need to make. This is a great borg with a wealth knowledge and ideas flowing everyday from fellow brewers like yourself and many, many others. I have been checking out the qbrew, but mostly being patient, learning from my mistakes. As I advance little by little (maybe by late spring, early summer) I would like to be doing some boils with hops.
  4. In recent months and weeks many stores were forced to remove their Home Brewing Section. Some did, Some didn't. Just depended on where the state wanted to flex its tiny little muscle. Most did not carry MB anyway. I have done web searches and found stores that say they carry MB but when I call, they only had them thru xmas. Maybe when this new bill gets finalized more options will open up. Until then, I will be ordering online. It seems to be the best way to go for now, considering the oppressed state of our situation, time, travel, gas prices.
  5. Wonder what the limit is for crystal meth? I think that bill is next month
  6. MONTGOMERY, Alabama --- The House Economic Development and Tourism Committee today approved a bill that would allow those 21 and older to make home brewed beer, wine, mead and cider for personal use. The bill, by Rep. Mac McCutcheon, R-Huntsville, would limit the total production to 15 gallons every three months. “This is not the issue here,” McCutcheon said. “This is about the rights of an individual to have the freedom to have a hobby that they enjoy.” Joe Defee told the committee he has had a successful career in the computer science field and began home brewing when he worked in Washington, D.C. He said the appeal of home brewing for him was similar to the appeal of his other hobby, making acoustic guitars and mandolins. He said he wanted to master the craft. “I’m really doing this hobby because I’m striving to create a product,” Defee said. The bill would not legalize home brewing in dry counties and cities. Those convicted of a felony would be banned from home brewing.
  7. If you could see some of the political rants by a couple of these guys over brewing at home......Now you know why Alabama seems to lag behind in almost everything! Change is hard to get in Alabama. Oh well, Roll Damn Tide ! ! !
  8. My question is for all the guys and gals that have been brewing for awhile and have probably been through all or most of the Mr Beer refills and recipes.....is this: What would your list be for your top 4 Mr Beers and that one go to, that tops them all.
  9. 2 gallons CAL 2 gallons Patriot Lager 2 gallons CAL (2 cans HME) Fermenting Another LBK on order along with deluxe refills of: American Porter Irish Stout Ocktoberfest Bewitched Amber Ale :stout:
  10. I did this with 2 standard cans of CAL on the 15th. A lot of action going on in LBK ! ! ! OG=1.066 @65 degrees. G=1.022 Ten days in
  11. I'm all for it. It's something I have been looking for on this site. It's something that I'm sure would help me decide what I would like to brew in the future.
  12. Good luck and dont perve it too much. I only made it 24 days into the carb/cond stage before i put one in fridge to sample. Was pretty damn good !!! Carbination was very good. Patience is key. Just a little something I learned from this board !
  13. Just popped the cap on first batch (american light) after conditioning 24 days. Placed two bottles in fridge 2 days ago. Light golden color, creamy head, not too sweet and very smooth. I'll have to say i am pretty damn impressed :gulp: Can't wait to see how the other bottles do after more conditioning !!! Wanna say thanks to all for answers.........and probably more questions to come as i delve more into brewing !!! Drink up !
  14. will definitely give it some time to condition........would hate to throw it out ! Thanks
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