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  1. Brewed Pumpkin rising at the end of May and bottled in mid June. I followed the recipe, and by the suggestions of some of the forum members here, I baked the pumpkin before adding it to the wort. Just popped one tonight and was shocked that it's a good beer, but I do not taste any pumpkin or a significant amount of spice at all. I used the 10 ounces of pumpkin just as the recipe called for. Tomorrow is October 1st, so it has been conditioning in my basement at 68 degrees for 3 and a half months and I was really hoping for a nice pumpkin flavor. The only thing that I could think that I did different was that to contain the pumpkin in the LBK, I put the pumpkin and the spices in a sterilized hop sack before I added it to the wort. Anyone have an idea what may have gone wrong?
  2. I have been brewing with Mr. Beer for 3 years now. My husband bought me the LBK kit for my birthday and I have loved it ever since. He doesn't even like beer, so the 2 gallon batches are perfect for me. Working full time and being a mom, I love the shortened investment in time required for my brews. I have shared my Mr. Beer brews with some of my co-workers and just yesterday I had a woman tell me that she has tried several home brews by other people and by far mine was the best! She and her husband loved my Columbus Cascading Amber Ale and my own modified Honey Lime Ale. So let the brewing snobs say what they may, we all know the truth! Kim
  3. 1. Columbus Cascade Amber Ale (brewed this one 4 times) 2. Rockets Red Glare 3. That Voodoo You Do I am bottle conditioning the 1776 ale right now and I am waiting patiently to try it! Think I might order the Pumpkin lager to brew now and by fall it should be perfect.
  4. Mr. Beer recommendations say that 16 ounce bottles need 1 teaspoon of sugar. Kim
  5. Welcome Michael! Mr. Beer uses the "lagering" term to mean what I call bottle conditioning. After three weeks in the LBK fermenting, add your sugar and cap the bottles. Try to keep the bottles around 70 degrees or so in the dark. The first week the yeast in the beer will "eat" the sugar and produce the carbonation. The remaining time will allow the beer to condition and allow the flavors to develop. Some of the recipes can achieve the perfect flavors in as little as three weeks, but others may take weeks longer. Good luck and have patience, one batch that I have conditioning right now is at 4 weeks and it is good, but I know will improve if I let it go for another two weeks or so. Kim
  6. I live in SW Michigan and it gets darn cold here in the winter. I also primarily heat my house with a wood burner. I have two LBK's going most of the time and I have a laser temp thingy to check my temp. I am in no way consistent in the winter and I have found that I have to keep my LBK's fairly close to the wood stove to keep them around 65 degrees. I have seen the temp fluctuate between 65 and 70 degrees, but I have never had a batch that was bad enough to throw out. So what ever you are doing it should be fine. Like my fellow brewers said, dumping your beer is not a good idea, be patient and happy brewing!
  7. By the way, I have an Aztec that I bottled 5 weeks ago with a 1/2 oz. centennial dry hopped and its pretty good. Not bad for a lighter beer, although I usually go for a recipe with Bewitched Amber Ale or Oktoberfest as a base.
  8. Part of the reason for the boil is to cleans/ sterilize the hop sack. So usually you are boiling the water with the addition of the hop sack with the hops in it. Remove from the heat and add the HME. No harm in a short boil with LME in there, it gives the hops a bonding agent. Am I right fellow brewers?
  9. I second that! My LBK's are usually around 68 degrees. I bottle condition a little higher, closer to the wood stove, at 70 to 72. Three weeks in the LBK for sure and 4 to 8 weeks carbonating and conditioning, depending on the recipe. Two days in the fridge and it is ready! My third year using Mr. Beer and I love the convenience and the satisfaction of brewing my own beer. My husband just gave me brewing and bottling supplies for Christmas! Cheers and good luck! Check back here often, this is a great source of information for all brewers!
  10. Great thread! Lots of information. Love the "soup" analogy! I have found this forum to be very valuable, our fellow brewers have quite the knowledge base and experience. You can trust us!
  11. Welcome to the forum C-ya! I live near Kalamazoo and have been using Mr. Beer for 3 years now. I have had good luck with almost all of the recipes and refills. I have been wanting to get over to Greenbush for a while to try a few, but I haven't made it there yet. I saw them in the Michigan Beer Film. Great movie that showcased local Michigan breweries and hop farms. You will love your beer when you get some made, but the most valuable piece of advice I can give you is to have patience! 3 weeks in the keg at 67 to 72 degrees and 4 weeks or more at room temp to carbonate and condition. Good luck and Cheers!
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will give customer service a call tomorrow and try to add the sugar measurer. I have last years Belgian Spiced Winter Ale in my LBK right now and hope to have the wand so I can bottle with it. When I ordered the Belgian Spiced I didn't realize that it was 2013's HME. I am surprised they still had it for sale. I hope it is O.K.
  13. I didn't know MB had a sugar measurer. I ordered the wand last night along with the Rockets Red Glare recipe. I am pretty thorough with my sanitization whenever I brew and bottle. Lately I have had an issue with the spigot when I am filling my bottles. When I open it carefully and a little slow it tends to spray the beer and sometimes will form an air bubble at the mouth of the bottle. Then I have beer all over. I have discovered that I have to open the spigot quickly and fully to prevent that. I hope getting the wand will solve that problem. Thanks for all of the tips!
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