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  1. I am about to bottle my Northwest Pale Ale. I recently got the half liter bottles from Mr. Beer as well as their sugar measure. Watching the video for the measure thingy it shows three quarters of a tsp. The charts on the website say one tsp. which is it? Sorry to ask a question that has probably been asked every three weeks since this board started but the search function is a pain in the dingus. Thank you.
  2. Welcome, I have just tasted my first batch. I try to follow all of the advice on here, while not re-inventing the wheel. I would suggest a journal for all info keeping. I use a "moleskin weekly notebook" it has one page for daily entries, facing a lined page for abstract notes. This system works well for me. Good luck and enjoy the beer.
  3. I have been patient. Tonight I am pleased to taste my first batch. Classic American light . Brewed on January 14 at 8:00PM. Bottled February 4 in the afternoon. Two weeks carbonating two weeks conditioning. First off color is darker than expected, tastes better than expected, clarity is way better than expected. "All in" this is really exciting, and I can't wait to see how it might improve over the next few weeks while I wait for my Northwest Pale Ale to finish. Thank you all for your advice. PATIENCE PAYS
  4. Well, I moved my first batch to the bottles tonight, and I had a question. I used domino sugar, a pure cane based sugar, has anyone on the forum noticed any difference between cane based sugar and beet based sugars? I am a Chef professionally and I think about those things. I only had the domino in the house or I would have tried the batch half and half and done my own experiment
  5. Thanks, It does have a lid, styro with a half inch gap to let out the heat. And the little grey box on the LBK is a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. I keep the base station in the kitchen, as a Chef that is where I spend the most time at home. Temps holding steady between 67 and 70. One week and 6 days until I check it the first time. Thanks all
  6. The Avatar is Patat Special. Dutch snack food. Fries with curry ketchup, mayonnaise, chopped onions. After a good noon session with the hops Gods, this makes everything alright.
  7. Greetings to you all. I am so happy to be here. My first batch is in the LBK tonight. Classic American Light, not exactly what I have been dreaming of but it came with the kit. I have attempted to attach a picture of the House my LBK will live in for the next 2-3 weeks. What you can see is the leftover styro-foam from some furniture deliveries, a plug in electric heat mat for a lizard tank, and my remote thermometer. It has taken me about 2 weeks of playing with the setup to get it in the correct temp zone. Even though my wife gifted this to me it is banished to the man-cave, which goes between 55 and 65 degrees daily. You have all been helpful so far, and I can't wait for the next batches. Thanks again [attachment=10444]image.jpg[/attachment]
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