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  1. "Kealia" post=363576 said:You can try raising the temp by 5 degrees or so and see if that kicks things off again. I usually ferment on the cool side of things, and bumping the temperature up a few degrees is always what I need to hit my target FG
  2. My first all grain batch was a breeze. To make it, you need a 4 gallon pot, 3 lbs of 2-row malt, 1 lb of crystal 60 malt, and half a lb of torrified wheat, because a big head just makes a beer that much better. Pre heat your oven to the lowest setting, and turn it off when you put the pot in. Heat 3 gallons of water until you hit around 156-157 degrees. Remove from heat and add your grain, in a fabric bag. Stir really well, trying to break any dough balls. Put this in your (turned off) oven. Stir every 15 minutes, turning the oven on for a few minutes if you need to raise the temperature back up (you probably won't). After 90 minutes, take the pot out, and stir for your life, getting all that sweet sugar out. Hold your bag over the pot for about 5 minutes, then toss. Start the boil, adding half an ounce of Cascade at 60 minutes, .2 at 30 minutes, .3 at 15 minutes, and .1 at flameout. Ferment with Wyeast 1068 London Ale, and dry hop with .3 ounces of Cascade for a week before you bottle. Bottle and condition like normal. This made a really light session beer, with plenty of flavor and character. My non beer drinking mother requested another about 3 or 4 times.
  3. It's in a 1 litre plastic container with aluminum foil covering the top of it. I have a starsan dilute next to it with a fork sitting in it, and I rinse the fork off after I stir. I've been stirring like twice an hour or so. I also was just making a starter because the beer it's going to be going in is 1.065 OG, so it's kinda on the high side. I'll be pitching tomorrow, I plan on brewing in the morning now that my LBK is empty ahead of schedule (just bottled a wheat beer :gulp: )
  4. So, I have a 1 litre starter going right now without a stirplate (too broke to buy, too scared to try a DIY one). It's just light DME that I boiled for a minute or two with a few pellets of magnum hops to try and ward off anything that's not the Safale US-05 I pitched. OG 1.044. My question is will the yeast be healthier than if I just pitched into the beer I'm brewing this weekend, or is this just a useless step because I don't have a stirplate? I've been stirring it with a sanitized fork (I have a starsan dilute sitting next to the starter) every time I pass it, so I'm aerating it a decent amount, or does the steady stream of O2 make all the difference?
  5. Mr. Beer Pilsner w/Blueberries BIAB Pale Ale BIAB Wheat Beer Apple Cider So, I guess 10 gallons, of which only 2.5 remains, as it's still fermenting. I got a Black IPA, A Stout, Another Pale Ale, and A Berliner Weisse eventually.
  6. Yeah. Me and my mom were talking about a wheat beer we'd had that had orange zest in it, so I thought "what the hell are you doing not zesting an orange right now?" and zested the orange. Worse come to worse it ferments out, best case scenario I get a citrusy undertone that compliments the cascade.
  7. Honestly, I don't think so. Tasting it yesterday, after I posted the thread, it was really good. Like, I would drink it after a day in the fermentor good.
  8. Recipe: 2.5 batch size 2 lbs Malted White Wheat 1 lb 2 row .5 lb munich .6 oz Magnum @ 60 .25 cascade @ 15 .25 cascade @ 5 1 orange peel zest @ flameout Wyeast 3068 Weihenstephan yeast OG: 1.034
  9. So I was brewing a wheat yesterday, and kinda messed up with my hop additions by blatant obliviousness. The 60 minute addition was an ounce of Yakima Magnum, but I grabbed Magnum not thinking that there was a difference..not until just now did I notice Magnum has double the alpha acids of Yakima Magnum...Am I fine, or am I going to end up with a nasty ass wheat beer? I'd be so sad, it's fermenting strong after only 10 hours post pitch, and I doubled my brewhouse efficiency from the last batch due to comments and criticisms, mainly from this forum.
  10. changed the layout a lot of anyone wants to check that out
  11. I've always been that kinda person who was 100 pages ahead of the class when ready books, if you get my drift. I wasn't challenged in the least with Mr. Beer, but it gave me the practice for sanitizing and bottling. If I'm not actively making mistakes, and being challenged, I would get bored by the whole thing.
  12. We have a nice probe thermometer at my job (home depot), would that work well? Also, I was talking to the guys down at the LHBS, and they advised I jump into BIAB from where I was, since I've looked up and theoretically hold a decent amount of information on the technical side, I just need to let my experience catch up.
  13. http://swagbrewing.blogspot.com/ I have pics and info from my first all grain brew day, and some comments would awesome!
  14. I just popped another one of mine open, it's only getting better. My mom, who hates anything homebrew related for it's "malty, yeasty flavors" is now drinking one at 11 PM. This stuff is golden.
  15. Yeah, I've been using Brewer's Friend, I was just oblivious to the fact that there was a specific BIAB setting, and chose the regular mash setting.
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