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  1. Ultraman!!! I remember him! and Giant Robot!! LOL!

  2. I have two envelopes of "C-Brite" cleanser. Is there a difference in use compared to the cleanser packed with Mr Beer refills? If so, how is it used properly?
  3. With all due respect, here in the Pacific Northwest, winter and spring can be quite cold with temps in the 40s and 50s. In the house, temps are usually around the low to mid 60s. It's difficult to find a warm place in the house, but the weather is improving albeit slowly. I just brewed two new batches of American Lite and American Classic which are in the warmest room of the house---and we've had some nice stretches of 70 degree weather. After 2 weeks, I can see a nice layer of trub and clear beer in my first batch from 4/2. I'll let it stay for another week, but I think these batches will be much better as the weather warms up.
  4. Opened up a bottle of the Oktober Fest. Nice color, nice fizz....but very green. Bleach! Will have to move the remaining bottles to a warmer place for a few weeks and then try again. One thing I didn't mention is that about 2 weeks ago, I was in the same room as the bottles and I heard a distinctive "glass on glass" sound. I looked around but didn't see anything that fell or broke. It was just a few days ago that I discovered that one of the bottles had burst---from underneath. Just blew out the bottom. The beer spread along the bottom of the heavy cardboard box all the bottles were sitting it and it just absorbed all the liquid. I've since moved everything else to another storage box. Very strange.
  5. Yes, indeed, welcome back! I was ready to throw in the towel, but with the nice weather these days, I have taken deliberate steps to make sure my brewing process is going in the right direction. I've got two LBKs going now, one with Classic American Lite and American Ale, dated 4/2 and 4/10 respectively. I can already see trub at the bottom of the first one. I have an already brewed batch of Oktober Fest in bottles downstairs and I put one bottle in the fridge for conditioning. Not sure if the bottles have been in a place warm enough for the yeast to do their thing, though. I'll know more in a few days when I crack open the bottle and see if it's "green." Then I'll move the bottles to a warmer place in the house. It's been quite nice here in the PNW the last few days.
  6. And what did you find? I have learned after trial and error that patience, time and conditioning is the best way to go. The correct temperature for the bottle beer to do its thing and then a week or more in the fridge makes SO much difference in taste. I usually have the issue of a "green taste" but if made sure the bottles are in the right temperature zone and then conditioning, it makes it all go away and creates great beer. It's always helpful to run the MB DVD to just re-set and remind yourself of how to do things. I think in the past, I was trying too hard when I really shouldn't have been. I mean, it's really hard to screw up brewing beer if you follow the instructions. Then it's a matter of time and being patient. My biggest issue is that I don't have a large work space in my kitchen so I have to be careful making enough room. But my LBK #1 has the Classic American Lite in it from yesterday and I'm looking forward to tasting this batch. My neighbors love my beer!
  7. I am pleased to report that after moving my bottles to a warmer room in the house and letting them sit for at least 6 weeks...and then putting a number of bottles in the fridge and let them condition for at least a week, the beer has lost it's "green taste," has a nice head, good carbonation and very nice flavor! I have a batch of Oktoberfest downstairs that has been sitting for at least a month, but I want to bring it upstairs in the warmer temperatures for a while and then condition. I was ready to sell everything, but now I went and bought another refill kit and I am going to brew again. The warmer temperatures this week will certainly help matters. Jim
  8. I just put both batches in my son's room. It's the warmest room in the house by far.
  9. @pghFred - Nicely done! I just hope this beer isn't Zetton Beer!
  10. Thanks for your replies and encouragement. I think I know the issue. The bottles are kept in my man cave/office. It's gets pretty cold down there and I KNOW it's not 68 degrees -- no way. So if I move them somewhere warmer, can they be saved? The yeast has gone to sleep? And, yes, I am absolutely SURE that sugar went in. I will check for replies, but I am going to move these bottles upstairs to the living room where it's much warmer. Will the yeast wake up and carbonate?
  11. I just tasted a batch that has been conditioning for at least 4 weeks and I had one bottle in the fridge for about 4 days. I just opened it and it's completely flat. Flat as a pancake. I am doing something fundamentally wrong but what it is, I have no idea. But I am tired of waiting nearly 2 months to discover that all I have brewed is a flat brew. I have a second batch that isn't quite ready for chilling and a third batch still in the LBK. Not sure what the results will be on those.
  12. Wow, did they really give you $500 in Mr Beer stuff? Hey, I want to be BOM!!! (waving hand)
  13. The LONGER the better. Three weeks fermenting and after bottling, 4 weeks conditioning. Then put it in the fridge for a few days and try one. That should eliminate any "green" taste. It's hard, I know. You want to try it but time inside those bottles will cure a lot of problems.
  14. Thanks, all. I'll be sure to double check the LBK on my next cleaning (I've got two of them; the other is now empty, pending cleaning). You always learn from your mistakes.
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