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  1. Any suggestion on sweetening them? I tried just adding and mixing sugar in, but it doesn't seem to help enough. On my next batch i was thinking of doubling the sugar during the brewing.
  2. So finished my first batch of cider, followed the directions exactly, but the cider is pretty sour. Has anyone else run into this problem? I fermented for 4 weeks and carbonated for 6.
  3. My favorite to use, and that i have the best success with are Weyerbacher Merry Monks. With soaking in oxyclean for an hour or 2 gets all the glue and labels off. Plus, i prefer them over Sam Adams bottles, as some have the Sam Adams logos on the bottles, and if you make your own labels, it kind of takes away from your own creation. Plus you get to drink delicious merry monks
  4. Where can we find bottling direction? The site says download the kit directions, and the kit directions say follow the directions in the kit.
  5. So its been almost 4 weeks since i brewed and over 3 weeks at 70 degrees fermenting. Yeast is still on top in a few small areas (quarter size). Can you bottle like this, or is it best to keep letting the yeast do its thing, and once its all gone, then bottle?
  6. Update: Checked in on the LBK after work today. Trub on the bottom and bubbles on top like a champ. Thanks again for all the comments everyone.
  7. As many others suggest, i used oxiclean free and soaked 2 cases of weyerbacher merry monks. Labels/glue were completely gone and bottles were very clean
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Hopefully I'll be seeing trub in a few days.
  9. The temp was about 70, the smack pack had just come out of the fridge, and the temp of the lbk now is 66. I am starting to see some bubbles when i went to check.
  10. Yes, i did shake it and the bag inflated alot, then i opened it and pitched it in
  11. On my 4th batch, decided to try the hefe recipe. I was following the printed directions and didnt think to check the directions on the liquid yeast. So i poured it in, then realized there was the bag inside, so i quickly read the directions, shook it up and added it to the mix. After 2 days, no bubbles or activity on top. Is this batch ruined?
  12. OK, thanks all. After stressing to follow the directions exactly i was just a bit worried. Thanks for talking me down :chug:
  13. 1st & 2nd batch only added hme and yeast. 3rd batch was only HME, LME and yeast. The 2 batches in the lbk's now are also a little carbinated and have some yeast still going on top.
  14. I tasted the first batch 2 weeks into carbination so i knew the difference between 2 and 4 weeks for future reference (as its my first batch) Still 1 week to go on that (to reach 4 weeks in the bottle). I added sugar with the mr beer scoop and tried to be exact with every step of the process. Nothing added that wasnt from the kit and used kane sugar.
  15. About to bottle my next 2 batches. I noticed with my first it tasted cidery after 3 weeks of fermenting at about 66 degrees. Just tested the next 2 batches, both sat for 3 weeks at about 66-70 degrees and they still taste cidery. Should i have them at a higher temperature?
  16. glad to hear. I've finally accepted the waiting aspect, but i was just worried i was gonna have beer all over my floor.
  17. So I've read that mr beer recommends too much sugar when bottling, but i bough the sugar measurer and figured on my first batch i would try the mr recommended amount. 7 days into bottling and when i pinch the bottle to see if it has been carbonated, there is now no give whatsoever. Is this typical or am i looking at bottle bombs? They are in the refillable PET bottles that came with the kit btw.
  18. Duke, the Lancaster Brewing Company offers a free beginners brewing class occasionally. I was lucky and managed to have one right around the time my addiction hit
  19. Thanks for all the welcomes and great info. Looks like i have some more reading to do. I'm actually attending a free beginners brewing class this weekend...this hobby is escalating quickly. :cheers:
  20. Great to know, thanks! I was also trying to read up on lagering. From what I gather, thats just putting in the fridge for an addition few weeks. Is that correct? And also, does that benefit any beer, or only certain types?
  21. I've started my very first batch (Czech Pilsner) and I'm on week 2 of fermenting. I plan to go 3 weeks of fermenting after reading the forums (even though waiting through week 2 is hard). Then I was going to do 2 weeks of carbonation and 2 weeks conditioning. My question is, do you have to do anything between the carbonating and conditioning phase? Or can i just bottle them and try to forget about them for 4 weeks?
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