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  1. After two weeks in the primary and then ten days in the secondary, today i have primed my White House Honey Ale and am bottling it in about an hour!
  2. So my blueberry Ale tasted super green after two weeks, bottled my copper honey ale about 9 days ago and tried an early bottle...wow! it tastes great, not even green after that short time, nice and creamy with a slight bitterness....after a couple more weeks it should be primo! Outside in the sunlight! inside the house first pour! Bottling my White House Honey ale today after two weeks int he primary and 10 days in the secondary!
  3. "Jim Johnson" post=351994 said:nice set up! :cheers: Added another fermenting bucket to the mix, picked it up on Saturday. Also added a nice siphon for moving from the primary fermenter to the secondary.
  4. Decided to build a wort chiller for 1/2 the cost of buying one...still working out the coils so that they are much rounder than when i started but so far so good!
  5. Based on the White House Honey Ale but a touch less honey... started at around 1.050 for an SG...should be a good one! has the following ingredients: Steeped these for about 25 minutes: 75 lbs English Medium Crystal Malt 50 lbs Belgian Biscuit Malt Then these items: 6.3 lbs Gold malt syrup 1 lb Gold dry malt extract .75 lb Honey And then some nice hops! 1.5 oz East Kent Goldings 1.5 oz UK Fuggles My yeast was: Wyeast #1332 Northwest Ale Looks nice after sitting and letting the hops drop down a bit, should be a nice golden color, by the time i cold crash it ! Drinking a honey ale I made from the Jamaican Mon while making another beer...awesome night!
  6. "Photon Brewing" post=351957 said:Looks like your set. Way to go. If its not to forward, how much that kettle set you back? no problem at all, paid $150 for everything.
  7. So after making 6 or so batches with the brown kegs, i figured it was time to upgrade and get up to 5 Gallons a batch, making more specific beer versus all over the place. i have made the pale Ale, German Hefe, my own pumpkin ale, Blueberry ale and a Honey Ale. I really like the wheat beer, and the Honey all already tastes awesome, so i might do a small batch here and there of "specialty" beer and then use the 5 gallons for the ones I like to drink year round... no matter what i decide, i am pretty excited to have new gear!
  8. Different school...Not Michigan...it's from Maine "RickBeer" post=351816 said:Even if the beer doesn't turn out great, I'm sure it will taste fabulous in that great glass! GO BLUE!
  9. So a local guy has 1 Gallon bags of hops that are a cross breed of Nugget & Cascade. Anyone used these individual hops before, or perhaps a hybrid like this? Just curious on the taste, and also what beer they would go good with. A whole 1 gallon bag is going to be $20, not sure if that is a good price or sky high!
  10. Here she is out of the bottle! Still needs some more time, but tastes good so far! This was my first batch prime, and it came out great, perfect carbonation, thanks to everyone who gave me tips on doing that process. I went with Coppers drops in my last batch of blueberry ale, but form here on out it is batch priming with sugar, no more drops, it was simple and effective! I am heading to buy a Norther Brewers 8 Gallon pot today, guy one town over has one and he no longer uses it since he has gone to a large 15 gallon one apparently! I like the 2.5 gallon kegs since they are good for me to experiment in, but i would prefer to do less different beers now and concentrate on mastering a few of them that i like the most...
  11. here is what it looks like now...it does have a honey taste to it since i added it to the batch...very subtle...
  12. I have done a set of brews, and I am looking more for taste than ABV. I am not too concerned about ABV...if I need that much alcohol i will switch up to my mixed drink favortie vodka.
  13. So I have a batch of the Jamaica Mon that I bought and I did a honey version of it, which came out very nice at the first taste...still conditioning it long term.. I like the taste of it, and am thinking about what i could do to combine it with another refill...any thoughts?
  14. Got the Bohmenian Bronze Ale and decided to come up with a new twist on it, not sure how it will turn out but we shall see! Added 1/4 cup of honey to the mix and one muslin sack of strawberries as well. Will throw in another bag of strawberries after a couple of weeks to help add to the taste, then maybe a touch more honey.... We shall see how it goes...OG was 1.052 so not too shabby...expecting somewhere around 1.010 or with any luck 1.006! I like the color on this one...
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