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  1. I do want to buy a carboy but right now my money is tight. I sell valves, tubing, pretty much anything used in a manufacturing process so I have access to pretty much anything I would need.
  2. Thanks. Next week I am going to attempt to make a 5 gallon chocolate peanut butter stout using a partial grain malt extract. I have been pretty successful so far doing a partial grain malt extract with the Mr.Beer fermenter. I was only going to do 2 gallons but the company I ordered my PB2 from forgot to ship my order. They ended up doubling my order for their mistake.
  3. I recently picked up two 6.5 gallon buckets from a friend of mine. I would like to use these for a two stage fermenter. Anyone have an instructions how I can transform these buckets?
  4. I would never bad mouth homebrewing lol. My friends have been trying for months now to get me to start. I usually have a brew party once a month where they invite a bunch of people over drink beer, grill and get their brew on. I have been looking around to see if any one has posted any recipes using the American Ale kit so I sorta have an idea of what they used and how it turned out.
  5. A few of my friends who have already been brewing for a few years will be over with me tomorrow night. I figure if this is going to be my new hobby I might as well jump head first into it. I'm just looking for other peoples input and suggestions.
  6. I'm sorta new to this as well. I'm looking some ideas to doctor up a Mr Beer American Ale. Any ideas?
  7. I forgot to mention I'm sorta new to this. I have been over at few friends house when they were brewing and helped them some and my wife bought me a Mr Beer kit for Christmas. I have already done the American Light that came with the kit and that will be ready to bottle tomorrow. When you say 1lb of DME what is that? LOL the joys of being a newbie.
  8. Anyone out there have any good recipes or tips to turn Mr Beer American Ale in to a tasty treat. I would like to do a mash of some sort. I have watched a few videos on youtube on how to do this. Anything will help. Thanks!!
  9. I have all ready brewed the American Light that came with kit and will be bottling that tomorrow. I used that as my test run since I'm not a fan of light beers.
  10. I got a Mr Beer kit for Christmas. I have an American Ale refill that I plan to use and looking for some ideas or recipes to doctor this refill up. Please help! I'm new to home brewing and I want to make something that will stand out.
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