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  1. I had the same problem with 2 of my kegs. You didn't do anything wrong. I called customer service. And told them about my problem. Also told them that the gasket seemed hard almost like plastic. They immediately sent me 3 new ones to replace all of mine. She said that they would send the older style gasket. As it was a softer rubber. Worked like a charm. No leaks since.
  2. I have used Copper Tun carb drops. They have worked great for us. And very consistant carbination.
  3. Here is a recipe we really like. Hit your local homebrew store and have a kit put together for you. http://community.mrbeer.com/forum/20-advanced-recipes/320861-re-guiness-style-irish-stout
  4. Love my buckets. All with spigots. Never had a problem.
  5. I use a fine tip silver paint pen, and put the info on my black bottle caps.
  6. Tried Copper Tun carbonation drops for the first time. They are kind of expensive. But I have to say. Definitely worth it, they are so convenient. We have opened 16 bottles so far. Carbonation has been VERY consistant. The package calls for 1 drop per 12oz. bottle, and 2 drops per 22oz. bottle. I bottle most of my stuff in 16oz. bottles. The guy at my LHBS said to just use 2 for the 16oz. bottles also. Worked great. Although, I think that I will use 1 drop per 16oz. bottle for my porters, and stouts. I will definitely be using these from now on.
  7. I shoot for 70 degrees when I pitch.
  8. bni

    Ferment ??

    Wasn't trying to stir the pot. Just curious.
  9. My 5 gallon batches were always a 2 week fermentation. Why 3 weeks for the Mr. Beer fermenter? What is the gain? Just wondering.
  10. I'm in Chehalis. Where you located. Have you brewed before?
  11. This weekend I will be brewing a coconut porter. It is one of my favorites. I have brewed it quite a few times. But always in 5 gallon batches. My question is. Have any of you had problems with 2.5 gallon batches of porter in the LBK? I really don't want a mess on my hands.
  12. The ingredient list is for a 2.5 gallon batch. Double for 5 gallons.
  13. Brewed this on Sunday. I have made it a couple of times. Really tastes good (if you are a Guiness fan) 2.5 gallon batch __________________ 3.5 lbs. Light malt syrup 3/8 lb. Crystal Malt 75L 1/4 lb. Black Barley 1/8 lb. Flaked Barley 2 tsp. Gypsum 1/2 oz. Northern Brewer Hops 1/4 oz. Fuggle Hops Safale S-04 or Wyeast Irish ale __________________________________ Directions; Steep crushed grains in 1 gallon 155-160 degree water for thirty minutes. Remove grain and bring to a boil. When boiling starts, remove from burner and add 1 cup malt syrup stirring to dissolve. Return to boil, then add Northern brewers hops, and gypsum, boil for 60 minutes. Add Fuggle hops for last 3 minutes of boil. Turn off heat, add remaining malt syrup and stir until dissolved. Cool and ferment as usual.
  14. Keep us posted. I for one love porters. Interested how it turns out.
  15. bni


    Should I post the Guiness half batch recipe here? Or should I post it in another thread?
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