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  1. Thanks to all for the valuable information. As I said when I first introduced myself I hope at some point I can help those in the shoes I'm in now.
  2. Makes sense. Doubling HME may increase the desirable characteristics but it also increases the less desirable ones.
  3. I have a Canadian style hme. I am wanting to achieve a higher ABV and hopefully more body.
  4. Would there be any benefit or disaster to doubling the HME?
  5. 21days and it's in the bottle now. Finally. Now I get to wait. I can see now I well need more than one going at a time. I think after the initial carbonation I will sample in stages. Unless it's really good. He he he.
  6. I brewed my first run. Now the waiting begins.
  7. First time here. I asked santa for a mr.beer. He didn't come thru. After Christmas the store I saw it in had one left. I jumped on it at 50% off. A lesson in patients I guess. I've yet to brew my first beer so I guess at this point my username is misleading. I have read alot. I'm sure I will learn alot here and at some point I hope to help those wearing the shoes I'm in now. Thank you all for having me.
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