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  1. I went to go bottle and noticed that whatever was in there had grown. So I took a taste, and it tasted and smelled like rotten milk.
  2. Ya it's an infection . I looked in with a flashlight and now it has a lot of grey looking I don't know what they are, and a very sour smell almost like bad milk. :sick:
  3. Soak it in some oxyclean free, then it should be good.
  4. I thaught that the Camilla's folly was pretty good.
  5. I kinda have that feeling that it is.
  6. Ya kinda looks like mine, and I know I should have not opened the lid.
  7. OK thank you I will bottle on Saturday that will be 3 weeks fermenting.
  8. Looks good smells like cider, but tastes very bitter.
  9. I am going to cod crash my white ipa have never done so before. Is 32° to cold?
  10. I go to check on my northwest pale ale snd see this. It looks like dry candle wax floating on top. Anyone ever seen this?
  11. I just make sure to not boil the grains.
  12. After on week I racked my sierra pale ale into the carboy , and 2 days later I've got a nonstop airlock, and another full head of foam. Now that's some happy yeast.
  13. I know it seems like it's taking forever,and it would be nice to have this ready for the summer.
  14. Does anybody have any idea of how long before this one becomes available?
  15. Yes welcome to the obsession. :cheers:
  16. I when to go check on the white ipa and noticed the coriander seeds floating on top and in the middle. Any ideas on how to remove them so they don't get into the bottles when bottling time arrives?
  17. Welcome, and thank you for your service.
  18. I don't never had an issue.
  19. I had one last night I taught it had good cab tasted great, but I'm not to concerned that was only two bottles I was moving the case around today and no further incidents fingers crossed, oh and what would be an example of improper capping?
  20. I fermented for 3 weeks at about 70° then bottled and let sit at room temp for another 4 weeks.
  21. I was putting some of my porter beers in the beer closet and as I was doing so a beer bottle that was on the table exploded. It got all over the walls the ceiling just a mess. So I decided to check another and lightly shook it put in a cooler closed the lid and boom there it went. I don't think I can say over car bed because it was a batch prime that came with the recipe.Maybe it was the bottles I used they where sierra Nevada bottles any thaughts?
  22. I will be brewing this one tomorrow.
  23. I'm no expert, but I would think that your yeast are lying dorment because of the cold temp. Wait until it reaches the right temp I would think that you will see some activity then.
  24. Can I brew the white ipa in a 5 gallon carboy or is there just to much head room left in the carboy?
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