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  1. I found it easiest to put my bottled brew in my closet on a shelf with a towel over it. I was able to hold out over three weeks before I had to taste one and see how far along it was. I went and bought a sampler six pack at my local grocer and spent the next several days trying 6 new beers, then I cleaned and stored the bottles for bottling more beer!! You can do it too!
  2. Listen to these guys and you will learn much. My first batch was the Aztec Mexican Cerveza and I really liked it. I'm getting more excited with every new brew I bottle- can't wait to try my second batch this weekend- Czech Grand Bohemian Pilsner.
  3. I'm new, so here's what I've done so far. Keep in mind I'm only using one LBK to this with, but I'm really looking hard at upgrading or buying one or two more kegs... Total Brewed: 10.0 gallons (counting what is fermenting right now) Fermenting: Patriot Lager Bottled: Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner Classic American Light Drank and gone: Aztec Mexican Cerveza
  4. As a newer brewer (started January 1 of this year), I can tell you from my experience to listen to those who have been doing this for a while. Let the bottles sit the four weeks minimum, but also let it sit in the LBK (Little Brown Keg) for a full 3 weeks before you bottle. I cracked my first brew, Aztec Mexican Cerveza, a couple of weeks ago, also noticing a little cidery type taste. After tasting the first one, I let those bottles sit in my fridge for 3-4 days and slowly drank one after the other over the last two weeks and they turned out pretty good- the rest didn't have the cidery taste I first experienced on my first bottle, so I believe that I hadn't let it chill long enough (only let it sit for a few hours before cracking one). I just bottled my 3rd batch, Classic American Light, last week. My fourth batch is in the LBK (American Lager) as we speak. I bottled my second batch, Czech Grand Bohemian Pilsner, over four weeks ago in actual glass bottles, so I'll be able to tell you how that turned out. These guys and gals here are the best for us newer brewers- listen to them and you can't go wrong! Good luck!
  5. I opened my creation and was not disappointed. It looked, acted, and tasted like beer. I did note a slight vinegar aftertaste, but it is right where I expected it to be right now (thanks to all of you, I know that information). I'll let it sit for another week and taste the second bottle, then try it again in another week. By the 5th week, it should be completely ready for consumption. I used the Mexican Cervaza brew mix that came with my kit and put it in the 8 liter bottles that came with the kit. I just finished bottling my second brew (Czech Bohemian Pilsner) and put it into glass bottles and started my third batch (American Light). I was able to pick up six two-packs of Mr. Beer mix on clearance for $20 each, so I'm good to go for a while. I'm really looking forward to sharing my brew with my co-workers and friends soon. I think that this summer, I'll look into expanding my kit to a five gallon one and into other recipes.
  6. Ok. I've decided I can't wait any longer and am going to crack my first brew tonight. It's about a week earlier than I planned (it's at 3 weeks now, but I was going to wait 4), but I want to see what it tastes like right now and get an idea of how much longer I need to wait for the rest of them based on where I keep them stored and such. I put it in the fridge a couple of hours ago and will open it up in about 3-4 hours more and have a taste- can't wait!!!
  7. Another great idea philm00x. I've saved this site for me to look at in depth later.
  8. Thanks very much for the ideas. I may use the post-it super sticky labels, as I hate cleaning labels off bottles.
  9. I like your label and thanks for the suggestion for the website. I hadn't looked at that one yet.
  10. Incognitum- I never thought about doing it this way, but I've decided to steal your idea. I think it adds a little class to your bottles and makes me want to drink one. Honestly, I think this is the best idea I've come in contact with- it is brilliant- so simple, but really adds to the presentation. I have some card paper here at the house and a very good color printer, so I'm going to work on my theme and attach them to the bottles the same way you did.
  11. I'm getting ready to bottle my second batch tomorrow and I started thinking about making some personalized labels. Since I've embraced the joke my guys at work have for me (see my avatar for explanation), I thought about doing something kind of artistic that is related to my avatar- but I also want to be able to keep track of when bottled, and a place for the kind of beer in the bottle (written or printed). Of course, since there is a great group of guys and gals here, I thought I'd ask for some ideas that you all use. I am looking to just put a 3X4 (or around that size) on the bottle- what kinds of labels do you all find to be the best? any recommendations for software on a computer to use for making and printing the labels? Thanks in advance for all of the advice.
  12. Like several others on here, my wife purchased me a Mr. Beer kit. Since I'm the type of person who thoroughly investigates something before I do it, your site has been great! Like many of the experienced brewers on here have said, 3 weeks in the LBK is necessary and I can see it in my LBK. I want to thank the many of you who provide your valuable information and experience to this site so people like me can learn about the mistakes without having to actually make them. I started my beer on January 1st, so I'm looking at one more week before bottling. I'm using one of the two refill kits that came with my Mr. Beer kit and I'm looking forward to having a beer in late February. I also made my first stop at the only place I know of in Omaha, Nebraska that has home brewing equipment and asked some questions. I'm really looking forward to experimenting a little down the road after I have a good idea of what I'm doing. Cheers! :chug:
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