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  1. Hey Frozenintime, I’ll check out the links you sent and I’ll reach out to you once we get settled in. Hoping to close on Feb 15th and take possession on March 15th. Will have some remodeling work to keep me busy for a while, but I look forward to converting an extra garage space to a brew area so I don’t bother Mama with what she calls “stinking up the house”, I call it a “most wonderful aroma” myself. Hope to meet you soon, Randy
  2. I just purchased a home on the East Side of Lake Lakengren on Mermaid Cove and would like to meet other home brewers around the lake. We will be moving there, at least part-time, in March of 2013 and would be interested in hosting some brewing/tasting sessions either at my house or at the lodge if it’s not too expensive to rent. I have made several batches using kits, homemade recipes and one Mr Beer kit and I’ve attended a couple of classes at Brewtensils in Dayton. I plan on putting together the equipment for all-grain brewing once we move out to the lake, but have stuck to extract with partial grains so far. Let me know if you would like to get together this spring to brew up some beers for this coming summer, fall and winter in the styles of the season. I’m looking forward to lake life and good beers will just make it better!! Hope to hear from anyone interested in sharing brewing tips and their favorite homebrews, who knows, maybe we will have enough people interested to form a “Brew Club” at Lakengren!!! Cheers Randy
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