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  1. Hey, anyone know of a MUG in the Grand Blanc Area (Grand Blanc, Burton, Flint)?
  2. We just had an event at our house called "Poker and Brews at Tiff's and Drew's" where we unveiled the first batch of my home-brewe-d beer. It was a smash hit. And who knew that those one ltr bottles held so much. We had a great time. I even bought some special glasses--and chilled them in the freezer--for the occasion. Folks are already asking if they can try the next batch when it comes out. I had such a great brewing experience that I want to expand my home brewery and get another kit. Anybody know the legal limitations on how much you can actually brew at home and wherter or not you can sell it at trade shows and what not?
  3. Thanks guys. I just bottled my second batch of beer and I placed an order for Jamaica Mon. Can't wait!
  4. Anyone have a recipe for a beer that tastes like Red Stripe?
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