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  1. I was very thankful only one of mine exploded. I am still finding glass from that. I was just amazed to find glass imbedded in wall on he opposite side of the room.
  2. Sorry to hear that Phil, but you did the best thing. After my last bottle explosion I am watching all my bottles very carefully.
  3. I use filtered water from the refrigerator. I bottle in 12oz and 22oz glass bottles.
  4. I think I just might have to try a few of those. Nice selection.
  5. I work from home so the drive to the LHBS is a nice escape so I just go there as I need to, I only plan 1 or two batches at a time.
  6. Great job! That one does seem to take awhile to condition but it really is pretty good for what it is. A bit of lime does wonders for it also. Keep at it and you will be as 'messed' up as the rest of us. :woohoo:
  7. Do a quick search on 'online beer supplies' you will find tons of them.
  8. Are you up by Sioux City, Ia they have this place http://www.wineandotheroldthings.com/ there could be others. It sounds like that is the area you might be in if Omaha and Lincoln are that far.
  9. Ink, I know you like Stone so wasn't sure if you had ever tried making this one. http://blog.stonebrew.com/index.php/stone-15th-anniversary-escondidian-imperial-black-ipa/
  10. "Inkleg" post=387347 said: "brewin bull" post=387231 said:So Mr. Ink.. you like CDA's? A little help please, I'm having an acronym brain frat. But if it's weird and kinky I'm all for it. :chug:Cascadian dark ale, or a India dark ale or one of the other names they call them. I am sure you could do something weird or kinky with them.
  11. I have stirred and not. I have noticed no real difference.
  12. "The_Professor" post=387169 said:Yeah, cheers to all the drunk, self starting, do-it-yourselfers. Hey I resemble that! :party: Cheers to my buddy Phil! :cheers:
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