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  1. A band that I play with plays at Kuhnhenn's solstice parties during the winter and summer. Have you ever seen Reggie Smith and the Afterparty play there? You've probably seen me then.
  2. That sounds like a plan. I've started scouring the interwebs for some ideas. A lot of what I'm finding are all grain recipes. I think I'm just not using the right search terms. Also, does anyone know where there would be a database of the different grains/hops and their characteristics?
  3. So I spent last year getting to know the extracts and trying some of the simple recipes. My new years resolution this year was to start some more advanced recipes. I've already ordered the kit to make the Abbey Dubbel (tried it at the end of last year and loved it, want more of it), but is there anything you guys would suggest to challenge myself a bit? My goal is to start doing brews that require more steps and eventually not using extracts. I guess what I'm asking is for some recipe ideas that would ween me away from extracts by the end of this year. Thanks!
  4. I used the LME marked "Robust." Was I correct in choosing the "Dark LME" in Qbrew? Thanks!
  5. Mashani, I didn't see the edit until after I started the brew. I'll give that a try next time. Just bottled it a couple of days ago, gonna try one at 2 months.
  6. That's darker than mine came out, but if it tastes good, I think you're alright.
  7. Hey, guys! Been a month since I've last been here. In the 5 plus months since I've been brewing, I've gone through almost all of the extracts and I now have a handle on what they offer. I'm starting to look at some of the MrB recipes, and am trying my hand at the Abbey Dubbel. This would be my first time boiling hops for anything. Any suggested time for this particular recipe? I've looked at the chart as far as how time affects what hops add (flavoring, bittering, etc.) but I'm not sure how each type lends character to the brew. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hoppy Brewing!
  8. I did mine without ginger and I must say, it was pretty tasty. The lack of ginger was a mistake, but a happy accident. I will do it again with ginger to see if I like it better, otherwise I have a nice honey light ale.
  9. So I know I'm going to be short some bottles for my soon-to-be bottling day, so I decided to call a local bar to see if I can get a few from them (of course giving them money for the deposit). Their response was a resounding no, stressing that they "cannot" do that. Has anyone here ever approached a local bar and gotten the same kind of response?
  10. I snuck a taste at 3 weeks, it's going to be pretty good at 4-5! I skipped the ginger (didn't see it on the recipe until I started mixing the ingredients). Will know better next time. Based on the advise of the Borg, I'll probably replace the booster with DME. Any suggestions on what kind?
  11. Classic American Light = Pabst Blue Ribbon with a head My GF also said it tasted like Coors light. I felt the American Ale tasted more like PBR. I actually don't mind it so much. Keeping the CAL going for her, since she liked it.
  12. Makes sense. The sample was still a little cloudy (especially for being the CAL).
  13. Brown helps to keep light out. If you're using clear bottles, make darned sure you keep them in a dark place. As far as conditioning, priming is part of that.
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