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  1. NO DON"T DUMP IT I brewed three batches in a row before I realized the city changed their treatment schedule this summer. (I' treating with campden and boiling now) All three got chlorophenol. But in deference to my hero The Hat I refused to dump them even though that is a brewing community consensus. I started researching on the web about the chemistry aspect. I have successfully removed the bandaide taste by treating with activated charcoal. I am still working on the experiments but so far: I boiled several teaspoons of activated charcoal in RO water to sterilize then put it in a fine strainer and rinsed with RO water. In a large jar (the beer foams like crazy) I added 2 teaspoons of the charcoal to the beer and stirred for about 10 minutes. After pouring the beer carefully off of the charcoal into a tasting glass the bandaide flavor was gone. Now at this point my experiment worked in theory but because the charcoal reacts with oxygen as well and is more effective in warm verses cool temperatures the beer was warm and flat. My next step will be to try 2 things; one to treat as above but with a beer that has been chilled to see if I need to increase the amount of time I stir or if I need to increase the amount of charcoal I use. Next I am going to try mixing with a chilled, highly carbonated no taste BMC type beer as a way to "treat and drink", gaining only carbonation from the BMC and hopefully retaining true flavor of my beer. I am also going to try re-priming/recarbing a few bottles. I have three cases of the stuff so I'll be messing around with theories as they come to me. So don't throw it out if you have a place to stash it out of the way and are willing to perv it. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted ( ) on how my experiments progress. :cheers:
  2. "JimH" post=390045 said:OK Brewbirds, you can have a free pass! Do you guys ever make it back to the area? Still about an hour and a half from Las Cruces but it's not too far away for a meetup if you ever make it back. Haven't been back in years but that doesn't mean we didn't like. Just kept moving farther away. It would take a lot of incentive to make the long, long boring drive down I-10. If something sends us that direction I will definitely look you up though.
  3. "JimH" post=390043 said:Seems like there are a few Texas brewers here on the forum (don't worry, I don't hold it against you, even if you are Texans, you brew, so you are OK in my book!). Unfortunately you guys are all so far away. If any of the Texas brewers find their way to El Paso, I am only 2 hours from there. Brewbirds get a pass, we are former New Mexicans ala Las Cruces.
  4. I was following this thread last night when my internet went out. @Dag if you want to hook up with Joe and the Brewbirds on your way out it would be an honor and a pleasure to host you for the night. I have a whole house attached to mine that is unoccupied. Only thing is that there is no bed, just a sofa, a futon and I think I have a queen size air mattress in the attic. From San Antonio you could head this way via 281 to Marble Falls then 1431 to Lago Vista and then on down 1431 to hit I-35 the next morning. Shoot me or Joe a PM if interested.
  5. I never could figure out the MUG thing Joe. I kept seeing posts pop up but didn't get it on where they came from. Like right now I see I am replying to a post in the MUG but... sorry still don't get it. I'll jump in with you but since this is the only forum I've ever been on you are going to have to explain it to me. I'm not afraid to claim when I'm dumb about something I don't get. PM me ??? or what ??
  6. "haerbob3" post=389672 said:+1000 Screwy!! You always use the actual grain temp and weight. I take my grains temp after milling (mill my own) to calculate the mash. So glad I do not have to do that BS anymore :laugh: :laugh: Grain temp? This is the first time time they felt cold to the touch enough that I made an adjustment. The obvious answer should have been let them sit out longer but I'm curious about taking the temp.
  7. "haerbob3" post=389675 said:[attachment=14400]thanks-rainbow-ag1.gif[/attachment] Thanks BB's Glad to hear you are getting a handle on things!!! [attachment=14401]graphics-beer-737871_2013-07-27.gif[/attachment][attachment=14401]graphics-beer-737871_2013-07-27.gif[/attachment][attachment=14401]graphics-beer-737871_2013-07-27.gif[/attachment] You know we would not have been able to do it without your help. We are unique in that my brother does all the computer /recipe stuff and I do all the kitchen/labor stuff so I know it was a huge challenge for you to work with us to figure out why we were not getting dialed in. I did not want to step on his toes but on brew day standing at the stove I would scratch my head on occasion at something even after we did our walk through. Once we found out our measurements were off and we started using the ruler we have been hitting targets with every batch. You have been a huge help even though you could not see it in person and I thank you again I promise our beers have improved because of it.
  8. "haerbob3" post=389678 said:me I am just glad my wife knows to stay out of MY kitchen!!! Oh come on my friend, you can't fool us you already told us she was your boss.
  9. Welcome to the :borg: I'd suggest you do a little reading of the active threads here to get an idea of what's new. Check out the new brewers stickies, basic recipe section etc. There is a big Mr. Beer sale going on right now you might want to take advantage of as well (threads on that as well). :cheers:
  10. "Joechianti" post=389652 said:Did your mash temp ever get below 155 at all, or start at 162 and end at 155? What was your original intent for mashing temp? To begin and end at or above 155 would most certainly produce almost exclusively non-fermentable sugars. Now that would make a beer I might enjoy, very malty and sweet. I don't think 162 is high enough to kill the enzymes, so that's good. I believe that happens about 168 degrees. My temps never got below 155, I use the "keep warm" feature on the oven set at 155 for the mash. Our intended was the 155 for 60 minutes. The grain went into the mash at 162 accidentally because it came out of the freezer ahead of time but still felt pretty cold so I added five degrees to the water to compensate (my bad) for that thinking I would get the 155 I was after. As I said it did mash out at 155 but I wasn't sure what would happen if I dropped the grain into water that hot even if it did eventually cool back down to target.
  11. I wasn't trying to mash higher the initial temp just went to high. Mash out temp was targeted 155 so I hope I 'm good.
  12. My grains were very cold to the touch when I was fixing to start my mash so I brought the strike water up to 165 instead of 160 and oops my mash in temp was 162. I left the lid off when I put the kettle into the oven (155) for the mash to try and equalize the temp. It's almost time to pull out so I don't know what the mash out temp will be yet but was wondering what that high mash in temp might have done/ will do? Thanks
  13. "LorraineMontana" post=389568 said: "JohnDubya" post=389567 said:We'll sneak a laptop in to you in a pie! _____ LOL!!!!! AWESOME!!! And which pie would you like, the porter, stout, cream ale or nut brown flavor?
  14. I've not done a Marzen so I don't know about your mash schedule. For that I'd go by the recipe you are using. Seems like I've done a 90 minute mash before but I can't remember which batch that was. :cheers:
  15. "Knightmare" post=389598 said:Holy crap! :ohmy: I now know who will be the MrBeer BOM for August! :whistle: :cheers: :party: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Yeah he should start working on his bio.
  16. "JohnDubya" post=389543 said:It's cool, some of ya'll meeting each other, but there are times when it is not best. For example, I met a guy that was on this forum, lived bout 30 miles from me. I scared him so dayum bad, he left the forum and quit brewing and may have left the state. I swear, I was on my best behavior. I don't think it was my drooling, eating worms or walking around naked had much to do with it, did it? No it couldn't have been that if he was from this forum. You didn't try running him over with your tractor did you?
  17. So basically as-planned except mash for 90 instead of 60. The boil is for 90 minutes although your hops would still only be 60. Get a rolling boil going, boil for 30 minutes add hops, boil for 60 more minutes. :cheers:
  18. I was replying to this post while trying to cook dinner at the same time and lost the whole reply. So here I go again... If you get the chance to hang out with Joe don't pass it up. If you get the chance to hang out with his SWBO change every plan you had and do so ( she's a lot funnier than him ) Joe you know you are my :borg: broskie but I gotta tell ya' these youngsters with there brew day marathons and record setting orders are trying to leave you behind. And now my new :borg: buddy LorraineMontana is threatening to grab my funnybone attention. I know you got life stuff happening so you are still at the top of my list but I gotta warn you not to let the new bosses get to much of your attention. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  19. WOW I bet that is the second :borg: history maker today. Togorok may be losing his title for most batches brewed in a single day soon. JoeChiante you might have just been de-throned as the bargain shopping king. You'll be wanting to check Craig's list for bottles. :whistle: Did you remember to set aside enough money for the forklift you'll need when the order arrives? Way to go but at $7+/- flat rate shipping I'm not sure Mr. Beer will be posting the heart symbol on their reply. Brew on brother and we will be wanting to follow your reviews as make your way through that big ole inventory. :cheers:
  20. "SelfFueled" post=389436 said: "Joechianti" post=389431 said:I sure been lucky so far. All the measuring cups I get from the Dollar Store are right on the mark. I fill them up with a cup of water, and after I drink the cup of water, they're empty. So far, so good. That seems to be accurate! The only question I have, when you only drink half of the water, would you consider the measuring cup to be half full or half empty? That one always stumps me? :chow: Don't be fooled Joe doesn't drink water. :gulp: :gulp: :gulp: :laugh:
  21. "philm00x" post=389412 said:Were you weighing it with the ambient room temperature at 80*F or was the temperature of the water 80*F? The density of water depends on the temperature of the fluid itself, not the ambient room temperature. In any case, that's pretty crazy how inaccurate the measuring cups can be. Actually both were about the same in my case. I treat 6 gallons jugs with campden tablets so it sits until I need it.
  22. Okay I got the chart fixed now. That snipping tool in Windows is pretty cool. :banana:
  23. I'm sure the pros will chime in here pretty soon but I will note that I think you need a 90 minute boil when using pilsner malt. :cheers:
  24. The way to do that will also be by personal choice. You need to look at the brewing software that is available and pick one you like. The ones I can think of off the top of my head are: QBrew Beersmith Brewtoad(?) used to be Hopville and I think there is one called Brewers Friend Also you might like the beer style guideline for reference material; sorry I don't have a link for you but matbe someone can post it for you. :cheers:
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