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  1. I finally got around to tasting my first batch ever made of Mexican Cerveza. I had issues two weeks ago with the beer being flat. I stuck two bottles in the fridge on Sunday and just tried one out today. Man it tastes amazing. It has full carbonation and is quite flavorful for just using the standard Mr. Beer kit. I even chilled my beer mug in the freezer to try the first sip. I can't thank you all enough for making me wait that extra bit of time. I thought I had really messed something up. Can't wait to try my Pilsner in about 2 weeks. Awesome stuff!!! :chug:
  2. I moved all of my bottles up to a higher shelf hoping that the warmer temps closer to the ceiling of my laundry room will improve the beer. I was just bummed at first, thinking I messed up somehow. But now based on what I am reading I think the much cooler temps below 70 degrees have made the beer take extra long to carbonate.
  3. Thanks everyone for the advice. I will go ahead and give it some more time. The waiting is killing me :sweat:
  4. I just checked them I see some trub or residual floaties in the little dimples. No signs of sugar left in the dimples that I could see. A few bottles are not rock hard but very firm to the touch. The majority of them are rock hard. Maybe I just opened one that didn't seal right. Should I go ahead and try one that is rock hard to see. I guess it wouldn't hurt anything.
  5. I will try to raise my temps a bit more but this is a challenge in the winter around here to keep a consistent 70 degrees or more. I have the bottles sitting in a laundry room that gets up to 70+ most days. I won't have any issues getting temps up as we get closer to summer months. Our nights tend to drop the temp in the house to around 62-65. This could explain the issue with carbonating. Thanks you all for your input. It is much appreciated.
  6. It is possible I screwed them up but I have looked at the threads and they look to be fine. No signs of deformation or anything visible to the naked eye anyway. I am going to 22 oz or 12 oz glass bottles from here on out with metal caps. I have stored away plenty of bottles and pealed off all the labels on them. I may try the plastic ones again if I order a new set of caps.
  7. I wish I knew what I did wrong. I did seat the plastic caps and then turned them a bit to break the little white ring loose. I am not sure why they wouldn't seal right. I have checked them all and they are on very tight with no additional give to seal them anymore. Like I said I guess it is a first timers mistake. I just wish I knew why it happened. Maybe my temps were off a bit. This was a new Mr. Beer kit in box that was used for the first time ever, the plastic caps were packaged in a bag. Does granulated sugar go bad over time. I used normal cane sugar for bottle priming that was maybe a few years old. It should still be fine right?
  8. Thanks I appreciate the input. I have a hunch that the seal on the bottles wasn't quite tight enough. I tried to twist them as hard as I could. Oh well lesson learned on my first attempt. I plant to maybe just put the PET bottles aside and use all glass from now on. I had to invest in a pretty decent bottle caper but it hopefully will be well worth it on the second go around. I just feel let down after waiting for so long to try my first brew.
  9. My first batch of Mexican Cerveza is flat. I let my beer ferment for 3 weeks at around 62-64 temps. Then bottled at room temperature on the third week. I have been letting the bottles sit covered from light for around 4 weeks in 63-65 degree temperatures. They felt firm to the touch with a slight bit of deflection when you pushed in on the bottles. I followed the Mr. Beer bottle priming figures, actually reduced it to a tiny bit over 2 tsp instead of 2.5 tsp of sugar in each brown PET bottles. I opened one up today after sitting in the fridge for 2 days and it was just flat beer with very few bubbles. It literally has no head at all on the beer, just a few bubbles. It certainly tastes like beer. What did I do to mess things up? I bottled my second batch of Pilsner last night but used 22 oz glass bottles and caps. Hopefully those turn out better for me. I am pretty bummed out right now.
  10. Well I am hoping that everything goes well with the bottling process. I waited a full three weeks to bottle my Mexican Cerveza. I also started a new batch of Pilsner, as I was able to snag a second Mr Beer Kit. I will have bottles available when the second batch is ready to bottle in 3 weeks. Fingers crossed that everything goes well on the first bottling phase. I should have excellent beer to drink. :chug: Thanks again to all on the Forum for the wealth of knowledge and great advice. It made the process so much easier and I was able to correct some mistakes I initially made on the first batch.
  11. I guess I am glad I played it safe with my first batch. I am all into experimenting down the road, but I figure I need a few batches under the belt to venture into that realm of beer making.
  12. Welcome to the Borg. I just started brewing Mexican Cerveza too about 8 days ago. I am also looking for a good deal on a second keg. There is a wealth of knowledge here and it is awesome to have people to ask questions and get a fast response.
  13. Yeah I am going for the 3 weeks in the LBK as well. I live in S. Oregon so the nights get well below freezing (high teens to 20's) and the days have been foggy and overcast with highs in the high 40's. I have it in a closet that also stores my media server which is on 24/7. The heat from the server seems to keep things pretty steady. Good luck with your brewing and cool videos too.
  14. NoGripes, I am also on day 8. My LBK looks pretty similar as the trub has mainly settled on the bottom and there is still a slight bit of action with a hint of light foam on the top. I am kind of worried because my activity looks to be quite a bit less than what you have displayed in your video. I am hoping that the yeast hasn't gone dormant on me. My temps have been ranged from 63 to as high as 67. They seem to drop a bit at night. Thanks for the great video posts it is much appreciated.
  15. Thanks for all of the great advice everyone. I was out of town and away from my computer so I just got to responding today. I checked on my beer today and noticed I have a good layer of trub all along the bottom and very little bubble activity on the surface. Is this a sign that I messed up or is it normal for things to die way down. I started the batch last Friday the 18th. I know in reading about things the first few days are very active. I am just hoping things didn't cool down too much while I was away. The wireless temp gauge show that the closet temperature bottomed out around 63 degrees one night. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ryan
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