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  1. I have to assume you live in the UP? We are heading to Paradise & Christmas for a September vacation. Any good places to take in some local beers you know of?
  2. The chips I have are from an actual bourbon barrel, not sure I need to soak them do I? Do I need to sanitize them? Should I put them in a muslin sack? How much to use? Lastly add them at what stage and for how long?
  3. Thanks for all the input. The brewmaster suggested I use the American Burleywine recipe and use Bewitched amber Ale HME vs Diablo for a smoother version. Also using the T-58 yeast. So what I really need is help on how to use the chips to get the oak and bourbon flavors. Anyone ever tried this and what was your process? Or am I just better off adding bourbon before bottling? Thanks again!
  4. Williamsburg's Alewerks "Jubilee" is the inspiration, it's a Belgian dark ale aged two years in bourbon barrels (11%) My pick for HME is the winter dark ale, 2 cans. Suggestions otherwise? Alternate choice for yeast? I will be using Jack Daniels bourbon barrel wood chips, wondering: Preparation - sanitize, muslin sack and amount to use?? Adding - right along with yeast initially? I hope to achieve around 9-11 ABV and plan to allow at least 6 months to condition. Thanks for all you help!!
  5. I've made this recipe twice now, it's a very enjoyable refreshing beer. Great for a summer day!!
  6. I don't know of one either, but I get together with a friend that is new to Mr Beer. We live in Grand Blanc. Let me know if you want to get together! Skip
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