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  1. Definitely learned more and continue to learn more from the experience here and on the borg than any marketing hype. You get out of it what you put into it.
  2. If good sterilization is rule number one patience is a close second.
  3. I've had really good luck with going to recycling stores and purchasing cases of pry off empties. Beverage recyclers get paid more because they clean them. So your getting a case of clean empties for $2 or less. Caps are pennies.
  4. Cool... This is my first time experimenting with additional hops. My first four batches have been straight MrB refills and recipes. Looking forward to playing mad scientist a bit. At this rate I'll be going 5 gal by the end of the summer.
  5. I'm taking jim's advice above and start the boil with a half pound of dme. Then i'm going to boil the hops for about 15 minutes and then add the spice sack for a minute before I kill the boil. Guess I'm just wondering what might be gained or lost by removing the hop sack before I add the hme and transfer to the lbk.
  6. So boiling the hops in the dme should give me the wonderful oils I am looking for. What do you think I might gain by keeping the hops in for the ferment? Going to use a muslin sack so I could remove prior to adding the hme.
  7. I fill them all with the sanitizer using a pitcher and funnel and shake them up (thumb over the hole). Emptying each bottle just before I'm ready to put the sugar in and fill.
  8. and the sugars in the dme assist with the breakdown?
  9. Just the HME and the tea bag. Going for flavor so between 10-20 minutes. Looks like 15 would give me a bit of both flavor and aroma.
  10. Brewing the Seasonal White IPA tonight and I'm thinking I'd like to experiment with some extra hops because well, I like hops and I wanna play. Picked up an ounce of Willamette Hop Pellets, thinking I'm going incorporate about a quarter of an ounce. The question is where and how? Looking for a little extra hoppy flavor should I add to the boil or commando into the lbk?
  11. All the sugar is going to do is thin it out, adding abv but no flavor. If you wanted to gain extra abv a better choice would have been to use lme or dme. The general rule of thumb is three weeks in lbk and four weeks in bottles all at room temperature before it even sees a refrigerator. Mr Beer likes to mix and match the terminology a bit but the HMEs are most definitely ales.
  12. So... Brewed batch of chile lime cerveza according to Mr B instructions with the exception of 4 peppers instead of 6. Three weeks in lbk, four weeks in bottles chilled one for three days and just cracked it. Very dry, very thin, very little discernable beer flavor, no discerable lime flavor, kinda tastes like jalapenos with very little heat. Did I not blanch the peppers well enough? Grear carbonation but no head. Used the booster as per recipe Think I might put it away and forget about it till july.
  13. JimmyPirate 2013 Brew Log Total 10 gallons Aztec Cerveza: Brewed 1/2/13 - Bottled 1/12/13 - Rest in Peace Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner: Brewed 1/21/13 - Bottled 2/14/13 - Still providing great pleasure Fresco Chile Lime Cerveza: Brewed 3/6/13 - Bottled 3/30/13 - Conditioning Nicely Canadian Blonde Deluxe: Brewed 4/6/13
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