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  1. I think what he was trying to get across was how careful he is about sanitizing After my first batch I did clean the orginal LBK very well but now I am woundering if I should dump the sanitizer out of my new 2nd LBK and clean it better.
  2. thank you for the response The kit was probaly 4 years old and I did wash it out. I followed the instuctions on sanitizing, But my neighbor thought I didnt give it enough time. The instuctions said a min of 10 mins, he says a min of a day and even longer. His first thought was bacteria but then he said the color and carbonation was too good for that. I have bought another keg and am sanitizing both of them now and am going to try a patriot lager and a american ale. J.R
  3. Good morning all, Been busy reading all the great info here and have learned alot. Just finished my first batch, a west coast pale ale. Had it in the fermentor 3 weeks,carbonating for 2 weeks and conditioning for another 2 weeks. I chilled the first bottle for 2 day and had my neighbor over for testing (he has been brewing for some time). The head on the beer was great. Color good not a really bold taste kinda like bud light. But there was kinda a plastic after taste. The taste went away after a few sips but if you went away from the beer it would come back. The refill that I used was past its experation date so i think that could have caused the lack of flavor but we were bothh stumped on the after taste. Any ideas? thanks in advance J.R.
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