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  1. Time Traveler not all brewing in the South is done that way alot is I do have a Qt. jar of Apple Pie sitting on the counter top.
  2. I am verry pleased with the outcome of my classic light beer . I fermented the beer for 2 weeks and conditioned it in the bottles for 4 weeks well 4 weeks this monday. Last night I couldnt wait to taste my beer so I opened one and man was it good. It had a nice color to it and a thick head. this classic light was really good and I dont even like light beer. So thanks Mr. Beer for a good product. the only trouble I have now is to decide what to brew next. Any suggestions?
  3. cool, thanks thats what I needed to know . Maybe it was a redundent question but I'm sure ya'll are use to it.
  4. so you can use oxy clean to clean the LBK ?
  5. So if I brew it now , there's no way it's ready for ST. Patricks day.
  6. Does anybody have an opinion on the ST. Patricks Irish Stout is it good or is it not good.
  7. The Upstate in Greenville. I love Charleston
  8. Hey my name is Chris and like alot of others I recieved a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. I have brewed before along time ago, it did not turn out so greabut I'm excited about starteing again. I'm from South Carolina, "American By Birth Southern By The Grace Of God". I have already brewed my first batch, my kit came with the light beer. When I bottled I tasted it and it tasted like beer flat beer but beer, it looked good and tasted good for flat beer. I am now just waiting for the carb process to be complete (a couple more weeks). I am thinking of trying the Saint Patricks Irish Stout next can someone give me a review of it. Oh alot of people talk about sticky's at the top of the page where because I dont see them, maybe I just need to learn this forum by the way this forum is great. Anyway thanks for listening. Chris
  9. would you reccomend it. I'm thinkikng of brewing it up so it will be ready in time for Saint Patrick's day.
  10. Hey I'm new to Mr. Beer. where did you get Horses Ass from? I mean some of the names of these beers people are brewing, I dont see them on this website.
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