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  1. It was a muntons recipe so I did it in two lbk's so I was thinking carb one batch with 2 cubes and other LBK with 3 cubes per bottle
  2. I'm going to bottle an English bitter I did in the 1 liter mr beer bottles and usually use 3 sugar cubes to carb thus equalling 1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar I was going to try just using 2 cubes for that style of beer do you guys think that it is too little amount of carbonation for an English bitter and just do my normal 3 cubes that I usually use for most styles?
  3. I'm using plastic mr beer bottles....thanx for info and yes I waited 2 weeks carb and 2 weeks conditioning at room temp
  4. I went to try some of my beers and they didnt carbonate.I don't think I used enough prime tabs.What can I do to try and and re carb beer if I can once i opened them?
  5. Can I sanitize my bottles the day before by leaving the bottle filled with one step with the cap on overnight?
  6. Do I have to rehydate the Nottingham yeast that comes with the fall seasonal nut brown ale or can I just sprinkle it on top of the wort in the lbk?I'm newer at this and never rehydrated yeast yet .All my other batches I just sprinkled the yeast on top.
  7. Thanx Rick I understand and thanx for all the info
  8. ok so your saying its ok to put in rubbermaid totes but no need to put lid on tote?The LBK won't blow its lid off if anything the beer will run out the air vents and down the side of the lbk.I always read stories of nasty blow offs and beer every where thats why i was asking.
  9. I've seen where people have put their LBK in an empty cooler to contain a vigorous fermentation . Is it ok to put the LBK in a clear tote with the lid of the tote on to contain an over flow if worried about it
  10. Is there a way to tell if the co2 isn't able to get out if it is clogged without opening it..,.will the LBK swell up????
  11. wait i reread your post better are you saying just unscrew lids enough to let air out and leave them that way for rest of fermentation or unscrew enough to be able to clean vents without taking lids completely off
  12. No I have them sitting on cookie sheets Ok cool I'll do your method with partially unsrewing them.If I just left them alone and they were clogged how could i tell .Would the lbk expand like a plastic bottle that is over carbed?
  13. I've always read on beer forums all over the net not to carbonate beer in growlers.Why can we in these?
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