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  1. That is the way I do it as well.no hop sludge
  2. Like the others said though, no way I`m lighting a propane burner in my basement. I agree 100% let me ask why you want to do this? why not just go outside?
  3. 5 cases ready in bottles 5 gallon ale pale ready in a week 5 gallon Kolsch being brewed today
  4. Thanks for the heads up just picked up the AHS Anniversary Kolsch
  5. Hi and welcome here i just bottled my Raspberry Wheat, i thought it looked and tasted fine not over powering , just a hint of raspberry. When did you add the fruit ? i added mine a week into fermentation That seems to be what everyone on here suggest
  6. "T8r Salad" post=348350 said:Two words in response to tipping the keg...if it has produced a good batch of brew, I usually tip it $5, if not, I stiff it! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: I like it i spilled my beer laughing @ this you owe me :laugh:
  7. "Joechianti" post=348252 said:CANAMERICA Draft Light This name has my vote :laugh: I like it
  8. "packerduf" post=347801 said:The bottling wand slips inside the locking spigots. With the newest spigots, you need a tube between the spigot and bottling wand. Edit: In the picture below, all the LBKs have locking spigots except for the LBK on the bottom shelf in the middle. It has the new spigot. The wand works with both spigots. [attachment=11919]sixpak.jpg[/attachment] nice setup i like it , i just have 3 and a ale pail
  9. "stevenf" post=346951 said:Thanks. I have promised myself that I would not rush it. I may have to buy another keg and start another batch of something else just to keep me entertained. Yes get another keg It will keep you entertained, and supplied with tasty beer :cheers:
  10. Well happy birthady to ya now you will have beer for all your the rest of your birthdays :gulp:
  11. glad you enjoyed brew on
  12. "cwbunting" post=346181 said:+1 My recipe exactly. Drink beer, listen to music, bottle, drink beer.... that is the way i do it as well
  13. nice looking beer may you brew many more
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