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  1. "FedoraDave" post=324221 said:Yeah, what they said. The remaining yeast do start fermenting the priming sugar right away, and giving off CO2, but it takes a while for the gas to be reabsorbed into the liquid, so you really need to give it more time. Also, I know the Mr. Beer instructions say "Beer in two weeks", but we've covered that extensively here in the forums. Perhaps to its own detriment, Mr. Beer markets their product this way, and we try to spin it the other way via our personal experience, or at least say that you'll have better beer by waiting longer. But I'm a little rankled by you saying if this doesn't work, you're going to find a better system. The system is fine (even with the somewhat misleading marketing). The LBK is not flawed. The HMEs are not flawed. If you went with another brewing system and only waited two weeks after bottling, you'd be getting the same results. I don't want to seem as though I'm picking on you, but the truth can sometimes feel like a blunt instrument, and I'm not going to be coy. It's not the system, it's your own impatience (unless you missed all the posts recently saying to wait at least four weeks after bottling). If the Mr. Beer system didn't work, why would all the rest of us still be using it to one extent or another? We're making beer that lives up to our expectations; even exceeds those expectations, at times. The only difference between our system and yours is the procedures. Wait two more weeks and then report back. It wasn't a problem with impatience; though there are always forum stalkers who feel better about themselves speaking to others in a condescending tone, I was merely following instructions and not getting the results I was told. I'm going to give it more time after reading posts from others who stay on topic and not turn discussions about brewing beer into a personal attack. Thanks to the rest of you for you friendly advice. I'll simply let it sit for a few more weeks.
  2. I've followed the instructions to the letter. This is my second batch of fail beer. I have one more beer to brew. If this one fails. it's going into the garbage and I'm off to find a better system. I open the bottles, I get minimal noise, and the beer is almost flat after even 2 weeks of sitting. I've brewed at the correct temperatures and used the correct amount of sugar to load the bottles. About to give up. Anyone else have this consistently low performance of the mr. beer system? Thanks for any tips. Randy1640
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