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    Aztec cerveza

    thank you sir. where can I find the recipes for this site. been trying to look for but no luck
  2. Hello all, just wanted some info for my next batch. I was wondering of adding lime in my Aztec Cerveza that I will be making tomorrow. I just do not know how much? I just want a beer with a hint of lime to the taste. Can someone point me in the right direction please. This is my fourth batch and so far all of the one I made was uber delicious.
  3. so about two months ago I purchased one of the standard recipe at MR Beer ...the new formulated abbey dubbel with saaz hops. I got started by fermenting it for about 3 weeks with the hops inside the fermenter the whole time. Primed it according to instruction and let it sat for about 4 more weeks. So two days ago I opened my first 12 oz bottle....then became x4 lol. This beer is great, dark almost muddy in color. about half an inch head with somewhat a hoppy scent. Very malty beverage without overpowering hoppy flavor. A bit of bitterness but not overwhelming with a sweet finish. Im ready to order another batch :cheers: Thank you for all the support and help here at the forum. My first batch didnt turn out to well due to lack of patience. Cant wait for the next one!!! Columbus Cascading Amber ale
  4. patience is the key.....my first batch I did 2, 2 and 2 weeks but it came somewhat flat. Im letting it sit at room temp now hoping for it to get better. crossing my finger
  5. So 3 weeks? not the recommended 2 weeks.
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