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  1. After only two days in the LBK we lost heat in my house with overnight temps reaching the 40's 50's. In the LBK is the Oval Office honey ale. After about six days all activity has stopped in the keg. It did have about a two to three finger foam on top but that's it and it didn't last long. The brew is still cloudy after two weeks and I'm worried that due to the low temps the yeast have died and the beer didn't ferment completely. How can I tell and can I add more yeast now that the heat is fixed?
  2. What happened to the sale thread on the old forum?
  3. Ok thanks guys. Going to try the homebrew HQ for sure.
  4. Ok boys, I'm headed to Dallas tomorrow. Any good homebrew shops around there?
  5. Thanks togorok, I'll try it. Rickbeer that's still a lot to choose from.
  6. Need some advice. I really want to take advantage of this 25% off sale. But with so many to choose from I'm conflicted. Please suggest some recipes. I like the American classic, octoberfest, north west ipa, and bewitched hmes.
  7. Jsherman, please explain. Ive never heard that you must boil LME so hops have something to attach to.
  8. I have just about every LME and hops mr beer sells. Two of each. I'm addicted. :woohoo: Yes I mean the Mr. Beer American Ale. Ok chuck, 1/2pound amber or lighter LME and what kind of hops do you recommend I boil for 25 mins? Should I boil the LME also? And yes I know not to boil the HME.
  9. Cooking American ale tonight...suggestions on hop additions and LME?
  10. Can u pull bottles back out of the fridge once they have been in there a month to carb some more. When I first started out I made a batch of diablo that didn't carb/condition enough.
  11. What is this? How do you do it? I've heard it mentioned several times on here but have no clue what everyone is talking about.
  12. Well, bottled my beer today and had a little taste of it before bottling. Not to bad, I guess it will get better after carbing/conditioning in about six weeks from what I've read.
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