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  1. I will use a hopsack if using one of my buckets. Commando if in a carboy.
  2. After 3-4 months mine has pretty much no flavor at all....just bitterness. I think I'm officially done with HME. Tried the API IPA last night and experienced the same thing. No flavor.
  3. This is why I don't use LBKs anymore.
  4. I've read that you only need to be concerned with DMS in pilsen malts when not boiling.
  5. "SlickRick07" post=371509 said:@m3n00b, with your Nut Brown Ale, how did you boil the extra 2 oz. of Fuggles? All for 60 min. or did you break them out? Did the extra Malt really thicken this one up? Wow...I'm glad you brought this up! I just tried one the other day and it wasn't very good. Very thick. I wouldn't add the extra malt again. Way too much. Also, my boil kettle was only 3 gallons at the time. Learned a lot since and I know I must have scorched the malt with 9.25lbs in there. I boiled the hops: 1oz for 60 minutes, 1 oz for 20, 1 oz for 5. We'll see how it conditions but it's not looking good now. All of the subsequent 5 gal batches taste awesome though.
  6. Thanks guys. I'm going to buy a 5gal glass carboy for a secondary. I'm brewing next weekend but beersmith says it should be around 1.137. how long should I secondary for with the cubes? I was planning on starting to drink at 9 months and keeping it around for years. This is my first huge beer. I brewed a 1.090 honey ipa early this year and it's finally tasting great.
  7. "haerbob3" post=371420 said:I add mine to the secondary oak cubes need to sit longer than chips. How are you planing on sanitizing them and using them?? How long are you going to ferment this one?? A high OG like that , 1.200 is going to take a very long time. What yeast are you going to use?? Thanks guys! I messed up my OG....I just checked and it should be around 1.137. I'm going to ferment it until it's done: SG hasn't changed for a week. I'm pitching on a WLP002 yeast cake from my brown ale. I'll finish with windsor yeast if I need to. I'm using these: RED FINISHING This blend uses characters to emphasize ripe fruit with hints of coffee, chocolate, and spice, adding great complexity to wine. http://oaksolutionsgroup.com/pages/products_newcart/enocubes.html
  8. I'm going to be brewing a 1.137 barleywine this weekend. I have 2.5 oz of enocube oak red finishing cubes. I want a moderate oak flavor. When should I add these? How long should they stay? How many should I add?
  9. "azmark" post=369949 said: "m3n00b" post=369944 said:I always get awesome compliments when I share. Except for this chick at work...she whined about my red ale being too bitter and that she wants Foster's. I lol'd. Is she cute? :whistle:
  10. I always get awesome compliments when I share. Except for this chick at work...she whined about my red ale being too bitter and that she wants Foster's. I lol'd.
  11. Looking for any of these: Lost Abbey The Angels Share (Bourbon Barrel) AleSmith Barrel Aged Old Numbskull Victory Old Horizontal Three Floyds Bourbon Behemoth Avery Hog Heaven Anyone have a recipe? I'm going to pitch on my Newcastle clone's WLP002 yeast cake in 2 weeks. I would prefer it to be 10-12%. I will age it for a year. Edit: I found a ton of Barleywines in my CloneBrews book. None of these though. I'll probably add some oak to Rogue's Crustacean.
  12. I made up an imperial brown ale about 2 months ago. Tasted like garbage for the first 6 weeks. Finally it's starting to become drinkable. I figure in another 2-3 months it'll be even better. So glad I didn't dump it after a month.
  13. "bkstang" post=367498 said:This Dopplebock is amazing! This is the taste of beer I enjoy drinking. It was "OK" after 4 weeks conditioning but much, much! better after 8 weeks. My next Deffibrilator Dopplebock will be in bottles for longer than 8 weeks. I still have a few bottles from this batch and I will try to keep it for 2 months more. I have 2 other stouts and they are still n ot ready. In the meantime I enjoy beer made by large breweries. :popbeer: I still have 90% of this batch. I've been drinking my lower ABV 5 gal batches to tide me over. This might be the best doppelbock I've ever tasted. I'm not usually a fan.
  14. Well...about 9 weeks after bottling and it's starting to taste amazingly good!
  15. I bottled a week ago and it tastes pretty good already!
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