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  1. Had that happen to a Baby Got Bock batch. Thought that since it needed to be a lager temps I needed to have it carb at the same temp. Was very sweet with little carbonation. Moved the bottles to a warmer temp and they seem to be firming up (using plastic bottles).
  2. Tried to upload a photo - did something wrong...
  3. Just tasted my El Diablo White IPA. Wow! Best I have done in my short brewing career. A bit darker than I expected, but the taste is awesome. Lots of body and mouthfeel, nice spicy hoppiness at the end. The spice bag broke while "gently" crushing the bag, so I just tossed the spices in commando and left them there. Quickly realized this will not last long so I ordered another. From the length of the White IPA thread, looks like many are getting good results from this.
  4. FG was 1.013. I tasted it before bottling and it was not sweet, tasted good for flat beer.
  5. My first thought was that it was grub, but then the taste was very sweet - think sweetened tea. I will put them in a warmer location and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I have a Baby Got Boch that should be carbed and conditioned by now (5 weeks) but is still sweet with some sugar on the bottom of the bottle. Since I used the SA 34/70 for fermentation I kept the bottles at 48F for conditioning. Is that where I went wrong or does this yeast take more time to deal with the sugars? Should I store the bottles at a warmer temp? I am using 1/2 liter bottles and used 1 tsp per bottle. Pretty sure I wasn't drinking when priming, so i got the sugar amount right. Even though the brew is still too sweet, there is a very nice body and flavor to the brew.
  7. I cold crashed it and it was beautifully clear when bottled. Nice aroma and taste as well. Just need 4 weeks or so of patience now!
  8. My Sunday Morning Coming Down batch has conditioned for 6 weeks and tastes really good. One thing that is off though is the carbonization- it's very low. This recipe adds a small shot of coffee to the bottle after fermentation. I used the normal amount of sugar for this batch. Could the coffee cause the recipe to need more priming sugar? I have used the same amount of sugar on other brews and gotten good carbonization. It's still very enjoyable, just needs the happy bubbles. :silly:
  9. Since my Mr. Beer basic recipes have come out decent to really good, I decided to get a bit frisky and try my on concoction: Mr. Beer Mexican Aztec Cerveza 1 lb DME Pale .5 lb Brewmax Pale LME .5 oz Cascade .5 oz Centennial 1 oz Perle zest of one lime Saflager W-34/70 Checked final gravity today and it's right on target. Had to taste - even though it's flat beer it was awesome! Nice smoothness, grapefruit flavors, very slight floral aroma (need more aroma hops next time), and nice dry finish. Can't wait for this to condition out. It was very cloudy. Would it make sense to move it to a secondary for a day or so to reduce sediment? I have it lagering at 48 degrees. Would dropping the temp more settle things out just as well?
  10. Not sure what the temp was. I did cool the wort down after a short hop boil and added cold water, but it still may have been too high for this yeast. I'm letting the temp come up slowly for a rest. Yeast should be here in a day or so. There is a fair amount of trub in the bottom of the LBK so they were feasting for a time.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. Would I use the entire packet?
  12. It read 1.050. There is trub in the bottom, but that number seems way off. Saw another thread on this recipe where the readings were like mine and a D-rest was suggested as well as re-pitching the yeast.
  13. What should the reading be? I didn't take an OG reading, or does that matter in this case?
  14. Have a batch of Baby Got Bock that's been in the LBK for three weeks at 54 F. Today was going to be bottling day but there is still foam on top - not a lot, just some. Didn't take an OG reading so don't know if checking with a hydrometer now would tell me anything useful. This recipe uses the liquid yeast and colder fermenting temps, so would 4 weeks be a more realistic fermenting time? Should I wait until the foam is gone?
  15. Just bottled my Sunday Morning. Came out of the keg a beautiful color. Had a very small sip and even the flat beer had great flavor profiles. Wonderful hop finish. This is going to be awesome after conditioning. Hope yours came out great as well.
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