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  1. Question for staff: This brew has a best by date of august 2015, so the brew is recommended to begin by then or it is recommended to be all drank by then?
  2. Thanks guys. I like those pics BeastYeast. I'll look into that sort of setup
  3. They make refills which are just 3 cans of extract. You can also make a recipe by triple or double by tripling or doubling the ingredients. The great thing about the 24lx is that you can brew 3x the regular size or the regular size or in between the regular size. What you want to do is up to you just remember to increase all the ingredients at the same ratio to try and recreate your desired taste
  4. I like the scoop idea, but booster is a pain. Side note I don't like using booster in my brews, but it has the same consistency as DME. I love DME and will now use the scoop technique when adding DME to my brews.
  5. Hey thanks guys I'll keep looking for a good set up. Everyone keep their fingers crossed in the meantime. If I win the lottery I'll make myself a huge fermentation chamber and create the pipeline I've always wanted... I'll supply the world with homebrew
  6. Where is everyone keeping their fermentation vessels? I don't have a basement and can't figure out a good way to ferment more that 1 or 2 brews at a time. Hard to keep the house around 66 and SWMBO probably wouldn't like that. Currently using a shelf and wet towels/fan to lower the temp.
  7. It has been humid. I haven't checked my hydrometer with distilled water however I have 3 and they all read the same. I think I'll leave the brew alone for now and check on day 18.
  8. I racked to add the lemon juice and zest (also helped clear the brew going for a Weiss bier sortof). Been fermenting between 66-70. Weather has been trying in this tiny poorly insulated house.
  9. Well too late to not make my post, but it just hit me that in all my worries about old ingredients and being unfamiliar with this particular yeast, I realized my hydrometer has been answering the question... Don't bottle yet! While quite slow the gravity hasn't stopped moving yet. Alas, if anyone has any input on the attenuation they have observed with T58 or fermentation speed please feel free to comment. Also, I wouldn't mind to hear thoughts on using old HME/LME. Any info whether from experience or second hand stories would be welcomed.
  10. HME itself is all you need to make a good brew. Not sure why MB is selling extract kits with Booster now other than its an easy way to raise ABV. When I started brewing many people on the forum suggested to stay away from adjuncts such as booster.... I didn't listen and used it a few times. Given the results I've gotten I'd reccomend you brew the HME or if you want more ABV add DME or LME. Just my opinion but I now stay away from booster.
  11. I brewed a grand bohemian Czech pilsner that was about 7 months past the best by date. I also added a pale LME and used T-58 yeast that was a little old. My OG was 1.044 and after ~3-4 days fermenting my gravity was 1.020. I measured it because of lack of krausen. After 1 week fermenting the gravity really hadn't moved (1.019)I was worried. At that time I racked to secondary and added lemon juice and lemon zest and ~ half pack of regular MB yeast. Now at 2 weeks fermentation I'm still at about the same gravity (1.016 now). Is this due to the old products? The beer tastes pretty good but it's only going to be about 3.5%. I don't mind that, but if I bottle these and they explode my girlfriend will kill me. Any thoughts or input? Am I safe to bottle? Thanks in advance!
  12. It's really important to let those high abv brews condition for a good long time
  13. Does dunking and mixing the grain bag around in the wort/water have an effect on the steeping efficiency? Those that cover and leave the bag alone for 30 minutes are you missing out?
  14. I'll tell you from experence, 3 weeks in the LBK (little brown keg) 3 weeks carbonating and 3 weeks conditioning are a good rule for creating a better tasting beer. I got that info here from the borg :borg: There is a great deal of good info and good people here on this forum that I, and I'm sure everyone, would encourage you to take advantage of. I thought to myself how much people can learn about brewing from just this one forum alone. I think I learned in a month what would have taken me years on my own had I lived 100 years ago.
  15. Anyone care to weigh in on my thought about frezzing altering the accuracy of the boiling chart?? Don't be mean if I'm wrong :pinch:
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