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  1. Nice! You won't be sorry.
  2. I didn't buy the Summer, Spring was too disappointing.
  3. I hope it works well. I brewed mine straight up, and I don't like it much.
  4. Thanks. All my brewing so far is 1.05-06. Well except Centennial Blonde, which is smaller. Still just trying to turn out consistently good beer, I'm not looking for big brews yet.
  5. I just tried a Centennial Blonde tonight. It was only nine (or ten?) days in the fermenter, two weeks in the bottle. Good, still a touch green.
  6. Cool, thanks. My Saison had two impressive krausens, both fell though. The second was an adjustment in the fermenter. I miscalculated my initial hop boil, leaving too few IBU. So I made a little more wort with light LME and plenty of hops. This went into the LBK after a few days, causing a whole new krausen. Now it just has a little foam, and hop bits floating. I'm glad for the info on the half pack too. I usually do that with 04, but I followed the directions on the pack (1 gram/liter) and pitched about 2/3 of the Belle Saison. Next time I'll use half. I might even try splitting a five gallon batch with two different yeasts. One would go into the cooler.
  7. Are you sure it's not hops? or foam? I've observed stuff ringing inside my bottle neck, but it sank when chilled.
  8. I (and others) use a blender to mill grain for BIAB.
  9. Twelve 2-2.5 gallon batches, so, 26 gallons?
  10. Cool! Mine is fermenting. What did you do with temps? Mine started in the upper 60s, now is about 78.
  11. I use 12oz glass, in commercial cardboard cases. They start getting a little soft and ragged too, but then I recycle them. I've thought of milk crates and such, but I'd need too many.
  12. Bottled Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner Deluxe (that's a mouthful!) today. I rinsed the LBK outside, and half filled it with warm soapy water. Then I inverted it to let the water soak the krausen ring. Some water leaked out of the vents, then stopped. An hour later, I went out to finish the process. Wiped inside with paper towels, rinsed with the hose. I noticed the bottom had warped considerably, dented inward both on the flat part and around it. The water was warm, but not too warm to keep a hand in. It's hot outside, but not hot enough to soften plastic, or so I thought. Don't try this at home.
  13. Neither spigots nor vents. The lid keeps contaminants out, and lets CO2 escape, just as they would steam. I use a racking cane to transfer. I'm not alone in this, I researched HomeBrewTalk first. One pot is "enamel" (really glass on steel), the other is stainless. You could drill the stainless one more easily than the enamel, but I like them as-is.
  14. I admitted my twist off goof here already. And I've broken a bottle neck. I'm learning to judge the capping by it's feel. Like a hammer, a screwdriver, or a revolver, there is a flow and rhythm that tells you how it's going and when it's done. If it doesn't feel right, I stop.
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