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  1. Getting ready for the dry hop stage, I boiled 1 oz hops for 20 minutes. Will add the final 1 oz during the last 6 days in the lbk. I guess I will just put this in boiling water for a minute before slowly dropping it into the lbk for the last 6 days before bottling.
  2. BTW my hops come in 1 oz pouches from my lhb store, not the half oz packets from MB.
  3. I used half pack of each hops in the boil, it is in the lbk, which would be 1 oz total in the boil(20 minutes), and plan to use 1/2 oz each for total of 1 oz in a 6 day dry hop. Hope this shouldn't be too much. I have never used the calculators that other people mention, but may look into it. This is my 4th batch of beer so I am a bit new, but trying new and modified(by myself) recipes nonetheless.
  4. I am brewing this in 15 minutes. Did you follow the MB instructions to the T? I think I am going to do a bit of a twist with the hops, as everyone here says the MB instructions for the hops are not optimal. Let me know what you did.
  5. Yes, I have searched ALOT, that is the confusion, getting things figured out and then NOT FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS. I guess I am somewhat used to following directions, and it takes a bit of confidence to do otherwise. I guess I am going to boil half the hops for 20 minutes, and dry hop the last 5-7 days in the keg with the other half and see what happens.
  6. Today I am brewing MB Surly Dog IPA, and I was wondering if anyone else has made this. The hops additions in the instructions say to add the hops sack after boiling and put in the lbk for the duration. This doesn't seem quite right to me, but I am looking for any input. Adding after the boil and leaving them in the lbk for 3 weeks doesn't seem like the thing to do, as it is not dry hopping, nor is it hopping for flavor or bitterness. Please provide some input as I am making this in a couple of hours and have not decided on a course of action, but need to soon. Thanks.
  7. TJZ

    Liquid yeast

    Thanks Rebel, this is my current plan. The yeast is for a 5 gal batch, so I will not be using a starter since I should have more than enough yeast without it.
  8. TJZ

    Liquid yeast

    How do I make a starter? The instructions on the yeast say to smack the package and shake it up good, then let it sit out at 70 deg for 3 hours before using. Is this making a starter?
  9. TJZ

    Liquid yeast

    I am making the MB Staggerback stout, with the american ale liquid yeast. I guess the starter instructions should be on the yeast packet, haven't looked yet, it's wrapped in bubble wrap.
  10. Any tips for using liquid yeast? This will be afirst time for me using something other than the dry. Thanks.
  11. Hey JJ, I don't have an answer for you, but a question instead. I am on my 3rd MB batch and looking to move up to a 5 gal setup. Why are you boiling so much liquid, when for MB you only boil 4 cups of water. I was just wondering how large of a brew kettle to buy for 5 gallon batches. Would this involve boiling ALL of the wort as compared to boiling just a bit of it and adding to the cold water as in MB case? If that is the case, obviously that would require a brew kettle larger than 5 gallons. Thanks.
  12. From one beer noob to another, MB gives the simplest directions possible, but they may not be the best directions for what you are trying to accomplish. Adding the hops to the lbk, from what I am learning, is called dry hopping. It doesn't add much to hops flavor, but mostly to aroma. To add hops flavor, you would need to boil the hops for 5-25 minutes in a mixture of water and UME(unhopped malt extract) such as the LME(liquid malt extract, which is unhopped) that probably came with the kit you purchased from MB. Dry hopping for the most aroma would be best to do for the last few days to week before bottling. MB probably doesn't want you to open the lbk. If you wanted to try this in the future, and I do, I think the best aroma would be developed by sanitizing the hops bag in boiling water, and maybe using a sanitized string to gently lower the hops bag into the wort for the last few days, rather than plopping it in. That's what I plan on trying soon. As I said, from one noob to another.
  13. I think the MB instructions are a little sketchy, John. I had a similar hops question on another thread that you replied to, thanks. What I got out of it is that for most hoppy flavor, boil with LME or DME for about 20 minutes, discontinue boil, then add the HME and add to lbk. Sound about right? Another poster said throw the sack into the lbk for the duration instead of removing it after mixing everything up. Any opinion of whether to keep the bag in the lbk?
  14. Thanks JJ, looks like about 20 minutes for maximum flavor. Then I would remove the bag at the end of the boil and add the HME I guess? Another poster said boil the hops with LME and not just in the water? Thanks for the help.
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