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  1. If you want it sweeter, try adding some lactose to the your must..
  2. The strong alcohol taste is probably due to the amount of sugar used. I've used 2 cups of sugar for a 2.5 gal batch. Did you add the K-meta and K-sorbate? This should help prevent re-fermentation before back sweeten.
  3. I have done a few hard ciders and found out that the yeast will eat up all of the fermentable sugars. To have a sweeten cider you need to backsweeten your cider then kill the yeast. Or you can use some non fermentable sugar like lactose. What do you mean it tasted disgusting? What did it taste like.
  4. I have not made the Mr. Beer cider. But I have made apple cider using apple juice, sugar, and wine yeast. I had no problem with carbonation. My problem is the yeast eats up all of the sugar and the cider is very dry. So my next batch I added some lactose and it sweeten up the just right. I have a batch of apple cherry cider (with lactose) fermenting in my LBK. I will be bottling this Sunday (3 weeks).
  5. Normally you add the fruit at day 7. At day 14 I think you would be ok. As the instructions state: ...sanitizer your blender, purée both cans of fruit with the syrup, remove the lid of the fermenter and gently pour in the fruit purée, keeping splashing to a minimum. Do NOT stir. Replace the lid. Wait another 2 weeks then bottle.
  6. Congrats on your first batch. One suggestion is to let the beer condition at room temperature between tastings. This will let the yeast keep conditioning the beer and the flavors will improve. Just put one bottle in the frig 3 days before you drink it.
  7. I find that beer keeps conditioning even after 6 months. I have home brews that keeps getting better month after month. In fact I had my last Octoberfest that was a year old. After I finished it, I wish I had waited a whole year to start drinking my Octoberfest.
  8. Wait at least 4 weeks. The yeast needs 2 weeks to carb and 2 weeks to condition. If you wait the 4 weeks, you will have a tasty beer.
  9. If you are following the directions of the kit, then a wort chiller is not necessary. You mainly need a wort chiller when you are doing a full volume boil where the complete volume of the wort is boiled. If you add cold water to the LBK then you do not need a wort chiller.
  10. I have not use an LBK for batch priming. I use a 2.5 gal slimline container I got at Wal Mart. The slimline has a handle that makes it easy to pick up and spigot takes the bottling wand perfectly.
  11. I had a similar problem where my fermenter would not fit in my ice chest if I used a airlock. I ended up using a sandwich and a rubber band. As fermentation started, the bag expanded. As fermentation slowed, the bag deflated. This batch turned out just fine,
  12. When you move on to extract and then to all grain, you can still use your LBK. If you have a 5 gal recipe, you can either cut the recipe in half or get a second LBK and split the 5gal into 2 LBK. Either way you want to fill your LBK to the bottom of the word "QUART".
  13. How long have you had it in bottle? The rule on this forum is 2 weeks carbing and 2 weeks conditioning. Both at room temperature. I've read that Aztec takes at least 6 weeks in the bottle for the cider taste to condition out.
  14. Don't throw it out. Let it condition. Wait another week then try it again
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