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  1. trying to add more flavor, mouth feel, and taste. Most receipts leave very little body, finish, and taste.
  2. thanks. Still pretty new. I appreciate the advise.
  3. Thanks. I guess i should leave the hops in for a little more hoppy flavor. You see no issue with all the LMS/DME and booster along with the Patriot LME?
  4. Anyone, On batch five and ready to experiment. Here's what I'm thinking: Using Patriot Lager HME 1. Add booster and Brewmax Pale DME Softpack pre-boil 2. Bring water/mix to a boil and then add Cascade Hops and allow to iiol for five min 3. remove from heat, add Patriot LME and BrewMax LME Golden/remove the hops 4. finish following the directions in the kit Is there any issues with adding the booster, additional LME as well as the DME?
  5. Thanks. Do you see anu negaitive to adding the dry hops (Liberty), with the LME/booster and berries?
  6. Hey Rick, Did you add any hops? i was thinking of adding liberty Hops to give it a hint of bitterness.
  7. Awesome RickBeer. Going to experiment with the Blue Patriot with 1/2 pack (6.25oz) of booster, and one pack (8.81 oz) of Bewmax LME softpack Pale. I hope to add body to the beer. I made the Cowgirl Honey, but it seemed to lack the body.
  8. Has anyone added an LME softpack? Will there be any issues in brewing the Blue patriot adding a packet of LME pale?
  9. Thank you. The information was helpful.
  10. I would like to make the Blue Patriot, but the receipt does not indicate the can size. It calls for two cans of blueberries in syrup. However, it does not give the ounce size of the can. A little help please. Bob
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