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  1. Temp difference could be 2-3 degrees if any. Same hydrometer. Error? I don't think so. I spend time to check the gravity. I will wait till tomorrow to bottle, just in case. I don't think it will make any difference on good or bad side.
  2. I am brewing Camilla's Folly right now. After 21 days I checked the gravity. It was 1.018. 4 days later the gravity is 1.016, so it's still fermenting. Is it normal?
  3. I decided to steep honey malt into my next beer and at the same time I purchased Weyerman Carafa Special II that I read is excellent for steeping stouts and porters (the beer types I like). My question is, what recipe I should use(what HME etc) to take the best advantage of those grains? Thanks!
  4. Thanks. This explains everything. I think steeping grains will be my next step in improving my beers and brewing education.
  5. Rick, it would be stupid and rude to question your expertise but I would like to ask you to clarify something for me. I was googling "steeping grains" and the processes I found asked for boiling the grains for 20-30 min at around 160 degree, removing the grains and adding this extract for the wort. I couldn't find this additional step of boiling for 15 minutes.
  6. Breat. Thank you. My local beer supply store carries Gambrinus honey malt ($2.50/lb). Any specific process to add the malt? muslin bag?
  7. I have a different question. I will make a "Dad's Favorite Cream Ale" that consist of Patriot Lager HME, LME- Pale and 1/2 cup of honey. Is it better to add honey about a week after the initial fermentation (like adding fruit syrups) or right at the beginning? I would like to get a little bit of honey flavor.
  8. I am not questioning your knowledge by no means but I read somewhere that ABV is FG-OG x 133.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I did it after 1 week. By the way, the forum is not the same after all those changes.
  10. After a long summer break I'm back in business and I decided to bre the last HME can that I have left before ordering new stuff. I have American Porter and I was looking for a fruity recipe. I found one that required blackberries, however I couldn't find it locally so I bought Oregon blueberries in light syrup.. My American Porter is fermenting for 7 days already and I'm ready to add it, puree of course. Did anyone try this combination and the effect?
  11. I asked a similar question recently and I was calmed down as well. I bottled the beer since then and it tastes fine. Here is the pic I took (through the keg)
  12. I don't want to hijack the thread but the temperature spike happened to me as well but in around 80-82degrees range, however it was on the 2nd day of the fermentation and it lasted for about 1,5 days. I still have the high temperature in the keg and I am trying to lower it by placing some ice bags close to the keg. I am afraid this is the last batch until around late september.
  13. Thank you both. This is what I was looking for. I need to do more research on MrBeer website. It's all there. I was planning to add fruits one week later, the same way I did Dark Forest Stout and it gives a stronger raspberry taste.
  14. Thanks for the ideas but it's way out of my level of confidence at this time. I was looking for something rather simple.
  15. I started Aztec Mexican Cerveza today and I also added a pouch of LME Pale to enrich the flavor but I'm thinking about further tweaking the flavor by adding a fruit puree, maybe raspberry or blueberry. Do you think it's a good idea? I did a Dark Forest Stout and came out great but I'm not sure if it's gonna work with Aztec. Any particular brand of the fruits in syrup I should buy?
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