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  1. Hello fellow brewers! I am going to be bottling a batch of American Lager tomorrow and was looking to turn it into a summer shandy. Is there anything I can add to the bottle to do this or should I have added lemons or something during fermentation? Any suggestions would be great, thank you! Dom
  2. According to the recipe on the site, it says to add it right away. Is it better to add if after a week?
  3. Hello everyone! First of all, my first home brew tasted great! I bottled it and got too excited and ended up drinking it only after 2 weeks but was still very happy! My question now is about brewing a batch with fruit. I bought the Boysenberry recipe kit which comes with the Cerveza, Boyzenberries, and booster. When is the best time to add the fruit to the fermenter? Any suggestions for my first recipe kit would be much appreciated! Thanks! Dom
  4. Hey guys! Today is the day and I will be bottling my very first brew! I just have a quick question. There seems to be some gunk buildup by the spigot. Should I clear this away somehow before bottling? If so what is the best way to do this! Thank you!
  5. I just took a peek at my brew today and I don't really notice any more bubbles at the top but I do see the sediment at the bottom. I only question whether it is finished because it hasn't even been a full week in the keg yet. Temperature has been constant and hasn't been over 72 degrees. Was my yeast just taking a break? Do I need to be concerned? Should I taste it to see? Need help!
  6. Hello everyone! I just started the fermentation process on my very first beer last night and just checked it for the first time. It looks milky and there is some sediment at the bottom and a layer of bubbles on the top. The only question I have is whether or not it is normal for me to smell the fermenting. (kind of a rotten smell) Any advice would be great! Thanks!
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