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  1. I bottled mine about 3 weeks ago, and have about 2 more weeks until it should be ready. My sample before bottling was pretty spicy. I am really excited to try it.
  2. I appreciate everyone's input. This forum is awesome. :party:
  3. Turkey pan is a great idea. Thanks
  4. I am getting ready to make a batch of Cherry Wheat. There is a warning on the instructions that explosions or overflows are likely. Are there any secrets to prevent overflow, or is it pretty much understood that there will be some?
  5. I am pretty new as well (one batch halfway goen, one conditioning). I have already asked a few questions and everyone has been REALLY friendly and helpful. Welcome, and everyone is right. It is addicting. CC
  6. My first batch was in the Keg for a few days before I realized it was about 62 degrees. I moved it to a good temp, and let it sit another 2 weeks. I then let it sit for 2 weeks at recommended temps and then moved it to a cooler room (probably low 60's). Then, after two more weeks I tried it and it was a bit cidery and very heady. I then put it back at the recommended temp and let it condition another week, and it now tastes great, but is still over-carbonated. Could the numerous temperature changes affect the carbonation?
  7. Not quite as simple as I thought it would be. Thanks for the article.
  8. I am pretty new to home brewing, and I was considering adding honey to a batch. My father-in-law makes his own honey, so it would be of good quality. When would be the best time to add it, and how much should I use? I would like a little of the honey flavor, but wouldn't mind a little boost of alcohol. Any suggestions?
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