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  1. I live in Cicero, and work in North Syracuse...
  2. I haven't been able to find an answer to what the optimal fermentation/conditioning times are for Mr. Beer cider refills. Also, has anyone experimented with adding sugar to increase ABV like the directions suggest? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Is the 3 week fermentation / 4 week carb/condition method recommended with the ciders, also?
  4. Last night, while brewing my 5th batch (Canadian Blonde Deluxe), I added the yeast to the LBK and was admiring the aroma, when I realized that I forgot to stir the fermenting wort. The night before, I was reading the little Mr. Beer book and saw that they recommended in the past that one stirs the yeast into the fermenting wort. So, I proceeded to stir the top-fermenting yeast into the fermenting wort. What are the repurcussions, if any?
  5. I'm sure St. Patrick would consider it a sin if I did not consume them all by myself!
  6. Just brewed my first batch on 01/31 of St. Patrick's Irish Stout w/ 1/2 lb of brown sugar added to the Wort. 2013: Total Gallons: 10 Currently bottled: #1 - St. Patrick's Irish Stout (w/ 1/2 lb brown sugar) - 2.5 gal #2 - Patriot Lager Deluxe (w/ 4 oz Corn Syrup added to Wort) - 2.5 gal #3 - Classic American Light Deluxe - 2.5 gal Currently fermenting: #4 - Aztec Cerveza Deluxe - 2.5 gal Next up and on the way: Canadian Blonde Deluxe Bewitched Amber Ale Deluxe Jamaica Mon Just ordered my 3rd LBK today, along with the above 3 refills! We're getting there!!
  7. OK, guys/gals - I have a batch of St. Patrick's Irish Stout (not deluxe, but I added about a 1/2 lb of brown sugar) which was brewed on 01/31/13 and bottled on 02/21/2013. Should I throw a bottle in the 'Fridge this Thursday and consume it on Sunday? I'd like to hear what you think! p.s. - I am aware that some condition upwards of 4 months...
  8. Hi folks - I am a re-newed brewer. Approximately 15 years ago, I received a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas, and only brewed 1 batch, before hanging up the hat. Well, I have a new found interest in brewing, and dusted off the cobwebs of the ol' kit, and started a batch of St. Patrick's Irish Stout Standard on 01/31... When preparing the wort, I also added approximately 1/4 lb. of light brown sugar to kick up the ABV. Hope this wasn't too much. My question is this: After doing a little research on this forum, I have seen some folks are adding vanilla while bottling. Would adding vanilla-flavored corn syrup be a wise substitute for sugar in order to obtain flavor AND carbonation?? If so, how much should be used per 1 liter bottle? Thanks for your anticipated help!
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