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  1. Latest labels for latest brews
  2. That is the only reason I can think that they register a Premium User, rick. I can not completely access using my firefox but can when I am on IE by clicking on the verifying email everytime I want to use the program. Just glad that I am getting my $5 worth of access anyway I can. I do appreciate that Andy was willing to refund my money since access was lost. "RickBeer" post=367907 said:Using IP address to verify you are a premium member is poor design for two reasons: 1) You can't use it when you're not at the location you originally signed in with. That would preclude mobile devices not on your wifi and traveling. 2) Your IP address can change. Rebooting your cable modem could give you a different IP address.
  3. Even though I changed IP addresses, Andy of beerlablizer came through and reinstalled my premium membership so I still have access to all labels. Got to love customer service!!
  4. "tbwrangler2000" post=365975 said:Im going to check out beerlabelizer.com thanks guys I signed up for the $5 to use all the labels, then changed IP address and now can't access all labels. Attempts to contact them have been futile.
  5. I have been doing 3 weeks in lbk and 3 weeks in bottles. I have used table sugar and corn sugar, still seems to be there.
  6. Does anyone notice that the 1lr PET bottles are more prone to the cidery taste? I have a milk stout bottled in 12 oz glass and 1 lr PET bottles, there is no cidery taste in the glass ones but is noticeable in the plastic.
  7. :think: 2.5 Ocktoberfest 2.5 Weissen 2.5 English ale 2.5 Nut brown 5 milk stout 2.5 Strawberry Blonde 2.5 Dragon's Milk clone 2.5 Bohemian Pilsner 2.5 Hefeweissen 25 total
  8. Try Hopville.com or brewtoad.com for great recipe lists, they do include Mr. beer and cooper's products in their list of ingredients. "eboucher30" post=361607 said:Now, I see all the more experienced brewers listing everything you've brewed. Lots and lots of great sounding beers. But I can't seem to find a recipe thread that just has recipes. I like beer and I feel I can expand on a Mr. Beer HME but I am still learning what works well together. Am I missing something?
  9. MR Beer English Ale extract
  10. [attachment=12577]IMG_0317_2013-04-06.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=12575]ale3_2013-04-06.jpeg[/attachment] Loving the products of the new hobby
  11. Mr.Beer® The coupon was posted early. (people were anxious). WTF
  12. Did any one get in on the MR. Beer 20% off for 20,000 likes?
  13. no problem, the idea of sharing home brews, good food, sun, fresh air, and good stories is very appealing to me.
  14. Would like to organize a beer mixer in southeast michigan. My buddy does a beer mixer up north with his buddies, but its not homebrew. I want to organize a beer mixer with local homebrewers and make it an annual event. I live in the berkley area and would like to get people together from anywhere but will take place near me. Its pretty simple, bring at least a case of your favorite homebrew or whatever case you want to trade and brag about. Trade a beer for a beer. By the end of the night you'll have at least 24 different homebrews in your case. The point of this is to get people together to share stories, good times and best of all share beer that you've created. Let me know if you're from the michigan area and would be interested in something like this. Want to get feedback and if it turns out positive i'll start the planning for it this summer. Thanks guys and hope people like my idea. Brew on!!!!!
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