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  1. RickBeer and Blujaye, My apologies for the confusion. Yes I meant boil for hop additions. I do know that you do not boil for steeping. Don't want to ruin those grains. Yes it will be done on the same stove with the same pans. Basically Just did it for some trial and error. I have read somewhere that for a partial mash use 3 qts and then have 2 qts for sparging. Or use 1 to 1.25 qts per pound of grain that you have. Good starting points? Thanks for the reply guys
  2. I did a trial boil with just water. I took 2 quarts and boiled for an hour. I lost 1.25 quarts of water during that time. Would that seem correct? So is this a good starting point for what I need during a steep or a partial mash?
  3. Thanks for all your answers guys. I have googled it and haven't turned out much. I have seen all of the clone recipes out there. I got the basics of what is in there. 2 or 6 row, corn, specialty grains, cascade/cluster hops and their own yeast. For their porter, like you said makes sense the grain gives it the coffee aroma, but for their regular lager I'm not sure and it's just got me curious. I know the searches say nothing about a coffee smell but from a dude that used to drink a ton of it, its got the scent. I was just curious and you guys have definitely been helpful and againI really thank you
  4. I know that certain grains used for stout and darker beers give off the coffee aroma from them. But what about for Yuengling? I can smell it as soon as I open a can but not sure what they use to come to that. Sorry if this is a real dumb noob question.
  5. I did. This is the recipe that the lhbs gave me to try. 5lb pilsner malt 1/2 lb flaked corn 1/2 lb carapils 1/4 lb crystal 60 Cascade 0.35 oz, Pellet, 60 minutes Cluster 0.25 oz, Pellet, 20 minutes Cascade 0.20 oz, Pellet, 5 minutes I thought it was weird not adding 2 or 6 row. Plus he was trying to convince me to not use corn cause Yuengling doesn't use it. Then I proved him wrong. Honestly I will prob go back to LME until I learn a little bit more about brewing. I'll be posting some questions, but thank you for responding.
  6. Hello all. My name is Matt and I am obviously new to the forum. As most people I got a Mr. Beer for christmas and been doing some brewing since. To be honest my main reason for brewing at first was Yuengling. I grew up in NY, then lived in DE for 7 years (I am in the military) and got moved out to Wyoming where they don't sell it. So I wanted to make a clone. I have tried 4 or 5 different recipes an a couple came out ok. I got one from a lhbs in Colorado and another off of another brewer website. I have two more that are bottled and conditioning as we speak. One is an malt extract, and one is a DME. I just did a BIAB but I have to be honest, Im not sure how it will turn out. It didn't have the amber look that yuengling does. Anyways after these batches I will be going more for "in the style of" because I want something I can call my own (or close to it lol). Im sure I will have a ton of questions and look forward to interacting with everyone here. Thanks guys and happy brewing. P.S. If you live in Wyoming or Northern Colorado, hit me up and we'll chat.
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