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  1. I live in ohio but actually closer to michigan. Im from toledo. The Mud Hens our AAA team for the tigers, on there promotional schedule lists a craft beer night on June 6, July 5 and August 2, . Also the Toledo Zoo on September 20 has the ZOO BREW.
  2. Awesome news can't wait for the final review!
  3. Ok cool! Thats what I was thinking, but just wanted to double check.
  4. So Im considering splitting a 5 gallon batch between 2 LBKs. But I have a question that I havent found an answer too yet. Say I split the wort as close as possible and use the same yeast in each LBK. When it comes time for me to batch prime my bottles. Do I batch prime each LBK separately or can I combine both LBKs into my ale pale and batch prime it all together?
  5. Also just placed my order should have an lbk open in 2 weeks!
  6. "TheGrove" post=354566 said:rogergoochman, how did your raspberry wheat turn out? I just bottled it on Monday. And man my sample tasted awesome. I can't wait to drink it in a month
  7. I have my LBKs in one those cheap $2 throw away turkey pans. But I did the raspberry wheat and added a can of fruit right away and to the LBK and an additional can a week into fermentation adn it never overflowed.
  8. "BigFloyd" One other design mod I did on this was to set the pipes for the hose connections at a down angle. that way, if I get a little dribble out of one of the connections, it won't go anywhere near my wort.[/quote said: Makes sense i was wondering why you had them pointing downward
  9. I just brewed a modified version last week. BAA HME, 1#sparkling amber DME, 7minute hop boil with 1/2 oz williamette(my LHBS doesnt carry glacier), and will dry hop for 7 days with 1/2 oz fuggles. Ill let you know how it goes on bottling day(4/8) if you havent brewed by then.
  10. I give it a month or 2 tops and Ill switch to 5 gallon batches and save MB for more specialty batches
  11. Ive seen many beers with bubbles. Ive also seen those miller light glasses at bars with all the slots in the bottle of the glass to try and make bubbles lol
  12. please keep us updated, I think I might have to make this here soon as I get an empty LBK in a few weeks
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