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  1. I just cold crashed and transferred to an ale pale my first batch of CAL. And after I bottled there was zero trub in my ale pale. Like RickBeer said in the LBK the trub very very slowly creeped as I tilted it, but was able to get almost every last drop out of the LBK while keeping the trub away from the spout.
  2. I'm only going to be batch priming. I was getting to stressed worrying about trying to figure out a way to get everything carbed the same bottle priming. lol.Plus the ale pale at my lhbs was only 12.99.
  3. feel free! I'm just happy i can help someone out. So far its been the other way around :party:
  4. I personally got the water to a boil and pulled off the heat. mixed a little in a little sugar put back on heat for a few seconds. And repeated until all the sugar was dissolved. I didn't want to burn the sugar by dumping it all in at once.
  5. Well went to the LHBS and just picked up a bottling bucket instead. Bottled this afternoon. The batch priming process was very easy and straight forward. Thanks BIGFLOYD! Cleaned everything up really nice. Already brewed my second batch!
  6. yeah i am getting a decent little collection going. Some game used baseballs. A Miggy autograph bat, Polanco auto jersey. And a pudge game used bat. That my other hobby.
  7. I'm from Toledo,Oh but during the summer me and the wife go to 15-20 tigers games. Maybe ill catch up with some of you this summer.
  8. www.titgemeiers.com Its in toledo. That is where im from.
  9. I have the cheapest option. A hand-me-down from my grandpa. 1983 Sears model still with the original owners manual. Cleaned it up of course and replaced the lines. But you cant beat free
  10. Recieved Palmers How to Brew yesterday in that mail. Dove into it, very informative. Alot of information, but seems to be a great handbook. Was surprised that it had all the useful charts and graphs.
  11. I'm gonna pick up a food safe bucket and lid from Lowes and try using the MB spout and see if it leaks. Worst case I'm out 3 bucks. This for a priming bucket
  12. Back on topic. I just bought a soft back copy of Palmers How to Brew. Should be here this week. :banana:
  13. well he was asking about the 1liter bottles. But im going batch prime like you suggested. I left a question for you in my original thread
  14. I just asked the same question and was recommended to use screwybrewer.com priming sugar calculator and it says 1.57 tsp per bottle
  15. Instead of the Italian spigot would an extra mb valve work? I have an extra laying around
  16. Thanks for the advice jimjohson :chug:
  17. Using that screbrewer calculator looks like it recommends 1.59 tsp. So that recommendation of 1.5 was pretty spot on. Thanks gang!
  18. Hey guys this is my first attempt at this. As of wed 2/13 my CAL will have fermented for 21 days. I plan to cold crash for 3 days and bottle on saturday. The one question I have is about the priming sugar. Im going to bottle prime. I have set of Liter and Half Liter PET bottles(havent decided which size I want to use yet). Ive read that the sugar amount MB recomends is a tad to much. I have seen on here that somebody recomends only using 1.5 tsp for the 1 liter bottles. Any other suggestions for the amount?
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