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  1. 22 minutes ago, MRB Tim said:


    Not @scouterbill, but the purpose of the vodka is to kind of pull out the oils in the zest and make a tincture. I can't imagine the brand would matter. I would not recommend using flavored vodka.

    I guess I will be vodka shopping tomorrow. I have one more question: what is the flavor difference between adding the peels during the brew process vs at the 7 day mark.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, scouterbill said:

    Crystal and Carapils can be steeped. 4oz of both will be ok. Josh recommended 2-row and oats in a mash for increased mouthfeel. Oats for the mouthfeel. Oats cannot be steeped, they have to be mashed. You need 2-row for the enzymes to mash. You will be ok to use the whole sachet of WB-06. I'm guessing that you are doing a Mr. Beer size batch. If so, no more than 1oz of coriander seed. You might want to start 0.5oz of coriander for your first batch to get the feeling for how much effect it has, then try 1oz in your next batch. Zest of 1 large sweet orange added during boil or added at day 7 (soaked in just enough vodka to cover for 48 hours prior to adding). Add zest and vodka together. 

    Thank you! What is the purpose of the vodka and what brand would you recommend? I have a black cherry vodka on the shelf but I assume flavored vodka will not be tastey in this brew

  3. Recipe:

    1. B. Weissbier HME

    2. LME Goldeb

    3. 4oz carapils malt

    4. 4oz crystal malt( I think I should have purchased 2 row)

    5. WB06 dry wheat yeast


    I plan to follow the Mr. Beer partial mash instructions, but I have a few questions first.


    1. Do I use the entire packet of WB-06 yeast?

    2. Will I be ok steeping the crystal malt 15? I read another thread where Mr. Beer Josh recommended 2 row and flaked oats for the wheat beer. I wish I would have seen that post before I ordered.

    3. Should I use all 4oz's of each grain?

    4. Also I plan to add coriander and sweet orange zest. What amount should I use for each and when should I add them to the wort?



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  4. On April 2, 2016 at 4:13 PM, MrWhy said:

    Well, the 2016 Winter/Spring brewing season is coming to an end. Brewed up my last one for the time being. The Angry Bovine with steeping grains.


    I steeped Chocolate malt and Caramel whatever number it was. I don't remember. It was whatever Josh recommended on the Angry Bovine announcement.


    I did not like that Chocolate malt. I am glad I went with a bit less than two ounce. It has a real strong flavor and smell. I am sure fermenting and conditioning will mellow it out, along with the sweetness from the lactose, but man. That is one to use sparingly.


    Other than that, all went according to plan. I continued my new thing of cooling the wort before adding to the LBK. This time I cooled it down to 100, which I am glad I did because I did not put the water in the refrigerator last night like I normally would have and put it in the freezer late in the morning. It was not as cold as I would have liked, but it looks like I pitched the yeast at 68.  


    This one will ferment for three weeks.

    What is left?


    Bottling my Hopped CAL. Bottling my #Myfestivus. Bottling this one.


    And then continuing to wait for these beers to be ready!

    I bottled my Angry Bovine on Friday! I brewed the recipe as is, it tasted great before I pitched the yeast but the sample I tested at bottling didn't have as much sweetness as I had hoped for. Keep me posted on the turnout of yours.

  5. On April 2, 2016 at 11:08 AM, AnthonyC said:

    Did you look at the CAL recipes on the Mr. Beer site?  Cowgirl Honey Light seems to have received some good reviews. 


    The cowgirl honey light is really good, I plan to brew that recipe often. The CAL is a good base recipe to experiment with also. The next cowgirl I brew, I plan to make it s partial mash and maybe trade the ginger for a spice bag.

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  6. So, I finally decided to start back brewing after I found Mr Beer refills on sale at a kitchen Collection store. It wasn't until we got home that I noticed the expiration dates had been expired by 6 months. Have any of you guys used expired HME? If so, how was the outcome? 


    One refill was the Irish stout in which I ordered the extra ingredients to make the Angry Bovine, which is fermenting now. The other recipe ( Bavarian W.)I haven't brewed yet. Any ideas fellow brewer's



  7. Update: after 10 days in the primary, I racked into secondary adding 3 cans of the Oregon blueberries in syrup. After 4 weeks on the shelf this beer tastes great, check out the head and lacing.


    The only problem is I don't know the abv since I added the blueberries.

  8. My OG was 1.065, after 3 weeks at 70-72 final gravity was 1.018. This should give me 6.3% abv, which is ok with me. I cold crashed for 2 days and ended with 21 12oz bottles due to all the sampling during fermentation.

    4 weeks carb/condition is like torture, I want to drink one know

  9. "Trollby" post=373740 said:

    Well in the past (Before Coopers bought Mr. Beer) the Summer seasonal came out in May

    That way you could be making and drinking by July.

    Since the Spring came out so late (End of March/beginning April) I would think it will be late June before they release it, which is Already summer (June 20)

    --- edit ---
    Maybe they are holding off until they sell out Spring to release Summer

    If that's the case, put the spring on sale

  10. I fermented between 70-72 for 2 weeks, carbed and conditioned for 3 and a half weeks. I carbed using carbonation drops. They came out great, this was my first brew that had a nice creamy head with retention. With exception to the sample I tasted at bottling I really haven't noticed the ginger. I definitely plan on brewing this one again, with LME to replace the booster.

    What type of honey did you use? Not sure if that would make a difference or not.

  11. Brewed my IPA last night at around 7pm, had great fermentaion at 5am this morning. Came home from work at 4pm the keg was dead with a big krausen ring at the top. Also I didn't aerate the wort after pitching the yeast per instruction.
    Any similar experiences/ what should I do?

  12. "onekyds" post=366663 said:

    Yesterday I fermented my second batch, it almost boiled over. I didn't add the spices, and to prevent a mess with the covering on the can, I soaked the can to remove the messy paper before I opened it.

    What was your reasoning behind not adding the spices? Just curious

  13. "BlackDuck" post=366659 said:

    They should settle with a cold crash. I'll be able to tell you for sure tomorrow. I'm bottling mine tomorrow, and my spices are in there without the bag.

    Thanks Duck! Did you add hops also? I'm thinking I should brew as is since this is my first IPA
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