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  1. Camera is bad I know. The Canadian I have in the LBK isn't fermenting at the same rate. Maybe it's the different yeast I used. I'm just curious since I have never experienced that type of phone at the top
  2. I'm 21 hours into fermentation and I have a lot of foam at the top of the brew. Also it seems like foam or trub at the bottom( looks more like trub). Is my fermentation ok? If not where did I go wrong? Not sure if the photo gives you a good look at what's going on [attachment=11733]image.jpg[/attachment]
  3. Is it the fact that brown sugar works well with certain types of beers? If so what has worked/not worked for you all?
  4. Thanks! I can't wait until carb/condition is complete to see how it taste. I will brew up my Canadian tomorrow night.
  5. Ok, I thought it was 28 days for carbonating and 28 for conditioning. 49 days is not long at all
  6. So a little under 3 months and I should be tasting some good brew
  7. Thanks guys! I'm brewing up a batch of the Octoberfest, my second with Mr. Beer. My first batch was the west coast pale ale which wasn't that great probably because I only let it ferment for 7 days and carbonate for 7. With this batch I'm with 14 days each for fermenting, carbonating, and conditioning.
  8. I've had my recipes for over a year now and the booster that can with them are very hard. Can I replace the booster with 2 cups of sugar? If not what do you all recommend..
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