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  1. Havent heard from anyone in a while I dont know if they still want to have it or not
  2. Thanks for the advice think I`ll just try the cowgirl honey
  3. it suppose to dobble the yeast count if you run it 12 hrs. and make a better brew
  4. Homemade stir plate for about 6 bucks
  5. I want to do an Isrish Stout but dont know If I would like it or not cant find any in Union guess I`ll go to Spartanburg and buy a bottle and see if i like it before I order the kit i
  6. If I took a classic American Light and add 1 pint or Qt. of Honey how would it taste or would it be any good :chug:
  7. Just Bottled a batch of Kolsch today with the DME I`ll be able to taste it in 3 weeks :chug:
  8. yes it is addictive dont know what I want to brew next might brew a 5 gal. batch of American Light
  9. fall would be great what have yall brewed so far Ive brewed American Classic Liight Winter Dark Ale and have Shade Tree Kolsch in my LBK now
  10. Yea that would be cool :gulp:
  11. Maybe we could have our own Beerfest everyone bring a different beer and we can tast each others Beer
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